Same great product - All new packaging!

Natural Shaving Cream by Pacific Shaving Company. With natural and certified organic ingredients, our unique, low-lather formula is about to become your skin's best friend.

Natural Shaving Cream

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  • Product Description

    This is the best shaving cream
    (There. We said it.)

    Same great product - All new packaging!

    With natural and certified organic ingredients, our unique, low-lather formula is about to become your skin's best friend. But this isn't only about closer shaves - it's got you covered before, during and after. Here's what you can expect:

    • Softer whiskers and superior lubrication
    • Healthy, hydrated and soothed skin
    • Protection from harsh environmental factors

    A little goes a long way. Our small but mighty® 3 oz. tube will last up to 100 shaves, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

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    1. Soft, Smooth, Shave!

      I have used the Shaving Oil for over 20 years. Seeing the Shaving Cream I thought I would try it. That first shave of the sample helped me to order some. It is wonderful!

    2. Great shave cream

      I really like this shave cream. I get a nice smooth, close shave with it and it doesn't dry out my face. I really like the citrus scent. Sometimes I'll use the shave oil under the shave cream for an even smoother shave.

    3. Slick Cream for a Better Shave

      This is my favorite of the products offered by Pacific Shaving Company. It is slick and provides enough moisturizing for a shave with no irritation. The scent and feeling on the skin are an added bonus.

    4. Seriously... this is solid stuff for your face.

      A little goes a long way. This by far has been the best investment for my face, and it won't break the bank.

      Take it on your trips.

      So happy they ship internationally!

    5. awesome

      Best shaving cream I ever used!

    6. A Life time USERS !!!


    7. You don't know what you are missing.

      Every Pacific Shaving product I have ever tried has exceeded expectations. I recommend all there products to my friends and even give away some as gifts. They become believers in the product.

      As a person with a very sensitive face to products that dry you out, it was refreshing to find these products 6 years ago.

      Thanks again for the great products.

    8. Try it out yourself - you'll be thrilled

      I have very sensitive skin and this shaving creme is the BOMB!!!! close shave without any irritation. Thank you for creating such an amazing product for me - ha!!!

    9. Brotherly love

      My brother loves this product and goes through gobs of it every year. I bought it as a gift for him.

    10. Excellent Product

      Love this product. Have been using it for about five years. Lathers just enough, not foamy but close to the skin. Great emollients make for excellent razor glide and skin conditioning. Also love that it is all natural. I do miss the shallow jar. It made it easy to get just the right amount and to use 100 percent of the product. Wish you would bring it back.

    11. Five Stars is not Enough!

      I switched to shaving with a brush several years ago, and have tried many (MANY) shaving soaps and creams in all price ranges. I recently discovered PSC's all Natural Shaving Cream and have been blown away by the quality. First and foremost, it lathers up nicely and gives an excellent shave with an enjoyable scent. I rinse the razor every couple of strokes, and find no build-up in the blades. There is also no residue left on my face. I've been using increasing smaller amounts of the cream each time I shave- a little truly goes a long way. This is simply a wonderful product at a very fair price. There is no need to look any further for your shaving cream. Give it Six Stars!

    12. Smooth!

      Makes for a truly great shave. Nice understated scent, too.

    13. Great stuff

      This shaving cream has a faint citrus aroma that wakes me up in the morning. It facilitates a smooth shave every time.

      I lather it up in a bowl and apply with a badger brush. I had to play with the amount of water to get a thick lather, and have since had a consistently good result.

    14. Smooth... and protected...

      A little goes a long way, my face feels smooth, nicks and cuts are rarer than ever ("nick stick" has not had much use), will never go back to the stuff in a can. My face feels protected, doesn't feel dried out, and the shave is a good one.

    15. Best Ever!

      I've never been for using shaving but I'll never switch after trying this. Add it to a layer of shaving oil and...voila...doesn't get any better.

    16. Love it.

      I'm getting low on my last tube of Palmolive shave cream & they don't make it any longer. I therefore bought a tube of your All Natural cream & tried it today. I loved it! It was thick but slippery. The best of shaving combinations. Thank you!

    17. My husband prefers this to anything he has ever used

      Loves the smell and natural products.

    18. Excellent

      Great product, lasts a very long time.

    19. A little goes a long way

      I recently got a tube of the all natural shaving cream, and can easily see that a little goes a long way. It's impressive! That being said it does not so far seem to create the nicest lather for me so I'm at a bit of a loss. I'll keep trying, but it's possible that the hard tap water where I live is getting in the way.

    20. Best by a long shot

      I have sensitive skin and blonde hair -- very difficult to shave. Plus, I frequently travel by air and camp in environmentally-sensitive areas. So, I wanted a non-pressurized, natural, shaving cream in a TSA-friendly size. Oh, and I didn't want it to be so drippy that it would run off my face in a humid shower room. Apparently, those seemingly simple criteria are just too demanding for every other company... except for Pacific Shaving Company. You guys (gals?) got it exactly right. To be honest, I don't think I'd have been this stoked if I hadn't looked for a few years and discarded a half-dozen inferior products, first. Oh well... Cheers on a great product!

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    How to lather shaving cream: Putting Pacific Shaving's All Natural Shaving Cream to the test.

    We put Pacific Shaving's All Natural Shaving Cream to the test. A small, nickel-sized amount of shaving cream resulted in six shaves' worth of lather.
  • Ingredients

    Certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, potassium myristate (derived from palm kernel and coconut oils), potassium stearate (derived from vegetable fats and oils), sodium myristate (derived from palm kernel and coconut oils), sodium stearate (derived from vegetable fats and oils), glycerin (vegetable-based), certified organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, certified organic shea butter fruit, certified organic white tea, green tea, calendula officinalis flower, chamomilla recutita (matricaria), lavender, sweet almond fruit, comfrey and clover extracts, vitamins E, A & D, marshmallow root, oat kernel, hydroxyethylcellulose (plant derived), sorbic acid (nature identical preservative), organic orange essential oil