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3-Step Shaving Regimen

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The three-step shaving regimen.

Good for the skin. Good for the wallet. Good for the earth.®

Whether you're a man or a woman, business traveler or just looking for natural, safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional shaving products, we've got you covered from start to finish!

An exceptionally smooth shave starts with exceptionally clean skin. Add our luxurious, natural shaving cream (that will knock your socks off) and finish with our lightweight, post-shave miracle and you've got everything you need - including hydrated and healthy skin.


  • Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash
  • All Natural Shaving Cream
  • Post-Shave Daily Moisturizer

Road warriors rejoice! All products fit within TSA air travel-restrictions for carry-ons.

See individual product listings for their ingredients.

Every purchase plants a tree.

See individual product pages for ingredients.
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Product Reviews

  1. Great for sensitive skin

    I've been shaving for the better part of nearly 50 years, and this is the best shaving cream I've ever used. I have sensitive skin, and have tried all kinds of products and this is the first that I can use daily even in winter without irritation. It takes less than you at first think -- 1 inch of All Natural Shaving Cream as it is squeezed from the tube is more than enough. I use the shaving oil for travel. Great product also. - Lawrence

  2. Best Shave Ever.

    I have received your shaving products and they are great, I can honestly say that it is the best shave I have had. My skin feels great and refreshed every time, I would gladly be an ambassador for this product any day! - Zach

  3. Love them all!

    I've been using your face wash, shaving cream, and daily moisturizer for 3 months and love them all. I'll be a customer of yours for a long time to come!

    Keep it up. I love this philosophy, the marketing, and the products.
    - M.P.

  4. Great combination

    I've used this 3-product combination for the last two mornings and I'm impressed.
    I'm electric wet-shaver (Norelco AT830) and this cream shave enhances the glide of the razor and does it with a very pleasant scent.
    Overall, these Pacific products deliver a smooth and enjoyable shave. The moisturizer is a pleasant finishing touch. - Phil

  5. Great for my barber shop

    You sold me at, at my request, a sample kit of your shave system to use on my shave customers at my barber shop. You lived up to your hype. I am very pleased with the feel and the look of your product. - James

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