2012 New Year's Resolution (Nailed it!)

New year's resolution: Spend a little more time looking for relevant blog post images.

As Pacific Shaving Company heads into 2013, I'm feeling pretty good about my new year's resolutions these days. After all, I was completely successful with last year's resolution: "I will no longer believe in jinxes."

Now some may argue that was setting the bar fairly low in 2012, but it is no small feat to tempt the fates of regular daily existence. Consider these gems I actually uttered throughout the year -- without fear of retribution:

  • "We haven't hit a red light yet."
  • "We've been so lucky it hasn't rained on this trip"
  • "I've been flying through security lately at the airport."

The best part, of course was hearing the inevitable response from whomever I was with at the time. "Don't jinx it."

Impossible. I don't believe in jinxes.