This Week's Customers' Shaving Challenges (Men)

Okay, so back when I was just a young lad, eager to learn the manly ways of shaving, this list would have included just the one item: "how do I get my beard to grow in faster than once/week? I want to shave for real!" Ahhh, to be young and foolish ag

Shorn in the USA

It's nice: more than ever, people are looking to purchase American-made products. And we're proud to be among the few grooming brands that manufacturers all of our products in the USA. In addition to getting the most comfortable shave ever, here a

Roll up your sleeves and give blood!

Today, another shout-out to our friends and partners at the American Red Cross (March is Red Cross Month): "Lifeblood" is not just a term used to describe something of vital importance, it is also a good description of what blood means to us as hu

Whole Foods Plans Upscale Health Resort

I picture it kind of like Hank Azaria's role in Couple's Retreat.[/caption]USA Today reports that Whole Foods is planning to open "an upscale health resort where guests could stay and learn about a healthier lifestyle ... The resort – which would use

Time Machine...The Top Food/Non-Food Brands of 2003

Remember who won the Grammy for best new artist in 2003? Or who won the Oscar for best director in the same year? Neither do I. Which is why I thought it was fun to dig up this old SymphonyIRI report showing the 2003-2004 'New Product Pacesett