Let’s take a break from shaving to talk about something way more important:

Bruce Springsteen tickets went on sale today for San Jose, CA!

For me, the moment I became a fan was when I was 13. (Long before I had shaving on my mind.) A counselor at a summer camp popped in a cassette of Greetings from Asbury Park and I heard the first few bars of "Blinded by the Light." That was all it took.

After 28 years, dozens of Springsteen shows, (and unfortunately the passing of two original E Streeters), this show is going to be different for me. It is now officially time to show my kids what it’s all about. That’s right. My wife and I are taking the whole tribe to the show, including our three kids, ages 5-10.

Yes, there is definitely the “fan” in me who wants to be able to brag (and hopes his kids will do the same someday) that their first concert was Bruce Springsteen. But there is another part of me that wants my kids to experience true passionate rock musicianship. Not a manufactured, teen-pop star-of-the-month show, or a last-hurrah tour by a once great band trying to squeeze every last dollar from a 90-minute set of its greatest hits. No. A real performer; someone who didn’t do it for the paycheck when he started – and doesn’t need to do it for the paycheck now. As far as I can tell, Bruce’s fortune and success (and hopefully happiness) all appear to be a bi-products of simply following his passion for music and lots and lots of hard work. There’s got to be a teaching moment in there somewhere for the kids. After the show. From a very hoarse-sounding dad.

PS: I read once that Bruce used to perform 5+ hour shows because he would just keep playing until he was just physically too tired to go on. I believe it. It’s in his blood. Watch this early video and you can begin to get a sense of the pull he hadhas. (Among the stream of girls who continually crash the stage throughout the song to get a piece of the Boss, I love the 2:35 mark when one simply just wants to touch his hand and then quietly gets shuffled back into the crowd.) Classic.


PPS: One small rant: TicketMaster is a bunch of criminals. Can some Sean Parker Napster-wannabee please come and put them out of business?