Last Minute Shopping: Do It With Pride

Today, as I prepared to hustle around town crossing last-minute gifts off my list, I decided to change my approach to this now yearly ritual. Instead of slinking away in shame, mumbling something about "running a quick errand or two," I owned my slacker ways, admitting calmly and cooly that I had a few more gifts to pick up before the big day. No, I wouldn't be buying extra candy canes for the tree. No, I wouldn't be picking up the mozzarella for the antipasto. I would be running around looking for something special to stuff the stockings, something grand to gift.

I highly recommend this approach. If you plan to sneak away on Christmas Eve under the guise of something other than 24th hour present purchasing, come clean -- and stay focused. Think easy, think different, think practical. If they're past puberty give them all the gift of a stellar shave. Nick Sticks in the stockings, All Natural Shaving Cream and All Natural Shaving Oil under the tree. Blade Oil for the dude who thinks he has everything.

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Happy last minute shopping and Merry Christmas to all!

- Marisa