On Every Dude's Holiday Wish List: Stubble Trimmer?

According to reporter Douglas Quenqua in yesterday's NY Times, big name electric razor manufacturers like Conair and Philips Norelco are transitioning their old fashioned "beard trimmers" into "stubble trimmers." Inspired by the sexy, stubbly faces of actors like Jon Hamm and George Clooney, regular guys are actively seeking the unshaven look -- and apparently these devices can help.

Sure, there are several gadget-oriented ways to achieve this slightly hairy look, but the most effective ironically involves a good, traditional shave. Says, Quenqua:

For men who can’t be bothered, there is a kind of follicular rhythm method: Decide which day you need to look stylish, then shave all the way to the skin two to three days before that. (Just remember, again, to clean around the edges before you suit up.)

Good shave = good stubble.

- Marisa