Pitch us, please! (but not like this...)

Please reach out to us if you'd like to write or review our products! We're a small business and we're real people, so we regret that we can't honor every request. (We'd be bankrupt if we gave away free product to everyone who asked!) That said, here's an example of a pitch with great potential that was just a little too eager (looking for a response, *via chat*, in minutes!) - and then took our answer the wrong way. You can read the transcript below and decide for yourself where you stand. We've taken out any personally identifying information as we're not trying to publicly embarrass this blogger. (and we are not in the habit of posting pitches.) Just reach out (by email), be yourself, and let's see where it goes. Oh yeah, and please don't threaten us with a bad review if unfortunately we are unable to partner up. That's generally a bad approach... :)