Racked: Dissolvable Pods May Be the Future of Beauty Product Packaging



Packaging for beauty and personal-care products can run the gamut from genius ( cushion compacts) to terrible (this leaky toothpaste tube). Dissolvable pods, which you probably know as those things that laundry detergent comes in, might very well be the next big thing in cosmetic packaging. While it’s way too early to call them either genius or terrible, it’s an intriguing technology for certain sectors of the beauty industry.

Pacific Shaving Company is the first company to use this technology for a commercial cosmetic application. The company released its Single Use Shaving Cream Minis ($8.99) in late April. You can buy them all over the country at stores like CVS, Target, Publix, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on Amazon. They’re sold in a flexible, zip-locked plastic pouch that contains 40 little pillow-like one-time-use pods of concentrated shaving cream. When you get them wet and rub them vigorously, the thin, transparent sheath dissolves, leaving behind a pleasant spearmint-scented lather. The company touts their TSA-friendliness... 
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