Save Money on Bullets

For most razor companies it's all about "giving away the gun to make money on the bullets."

As anyone who has ever purchased shaving gear knows, blades are a pricey acquisition. Razor manufacturers are making big money on the bullets.

At Pacific Shaving Company, we want you to shave smoothly, comfortably and whenever possible, frugally. That your shave may also be eco-friendly is an added perk.

Applying Blade Oil after your daily shave can extend the life of your razor blade by up to 95 percent. Just think of the razor blades you won't have to buy! Think of all the things you can do with those extra dollars! And think of the blades that are not adding to our landfills (the eco-perk).

The formula is simple: when your razor sits unused between shaves it oxidizes, which can lead to corrosion, which leads to a dull blade, which leads to a jagged edge and ultimately nicks and cuts.

Blade Oil stops oxidation. Blade Oil saves you money.

- Marisa