Slow Food? How About Slow Shaving?

As a New Yorker, slow is not my forte. I walk fast, talk fast, type fast (75 wpm. uh huh). I'm fast. But I'd like to be slow. It's a goal . . . a dream, really. I want to breathe deep, stop to smell the roses, smile at passersby.

To aid my ambition, I'm exploring slow things. Like Slow Food. This is one movement I can definitely get into: eating supremely tasty food that's grown in a way that respects the environment and fosters community.

What's not to like?

And now, I'm thinking about slow shaving. Blogger Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco -- tea is inherently slow, no? -- has kick started a slow shaving movement. He invites you to take the rush out of your daily shave and instead 1) Start with Gratitude and 2) Witness the Whiskers. The list goes on from there.

Now, I'm slowly figuring out  how to decrease the pace of my own shaving, wondering if Jacobs' technique can be applied to legs and underarms.

- Marisa