"There's only one way to do business"

Ask yourself: How would Abe conduct business?

Every once in a while during internal meetings, a former colleague of mine would punctuate a point with "listen, there's only one way to do business." I always liked it. He meant it, and he knew I believed it as well.

And I think that's part of the beauty of those seven words. Like some sort of "Giving Tree" or "Precious Present" wisdom, it seems to me that they can only be uttered genuinely - and then only received by someone who feels the same way. It isn't a boast and can needs to be able to hang out there without further explanation.  For me, it has become almost a daily mantra. It's not needed to keep me on the right track - I think people/businesses either walk that path or not.

Rather, it keeps this rollercoaster of a corporate world in check for me. You win some, you lose some. Good days and bad. Everyone knows that. You can't keep score on a daily basis.

But after I tuck the kids in bed at night, if I can continue to feel good about the manner in which I've conducted business that day, I'm in good shape.

Happy Fourth of July!