Natural Shaving Cream (3.4oz)

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This is the best shaving cream
(There. We said it.)

With safe, natural, and plant-derived ingredients, our unique formula is about to become your skin's best friend. But this isn't only about closer shaves - it's got you covered before, during and after with a smooth shave, softer skin, and less irritation.

  • ENJOY SHAVING AGAIN: Crafted with safe, natural, plant-derived ingredients to give you the smoothest shave possible without risking razor burn. Use anywhere you shave.
  • TSA FRIENDLY: Small but mighty, our 3.4 ounce size is carry-on compliant and good for up to 100 shaves.
  • SMOOTHER SHAVES: Save your skin from redness, irritation, and bumps with a paraben free formula and NO synthetic fragrances.
  • SAFE & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our vegan formula includes certified organic ingredients to keep even the most sensitive skin healthy, soothed, and hydrated.
  • CRUELTY FREE: Pacific Shaving Company’s products are never, ever tested on animals.

A little goes a long way. Our small but mighty® 3.4 oz. tube will last up to 100 shaves, helping keep your skin smooth and supple.


Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Myristic Acid (derived from palm kernel and coconut oils), Stearic Acid (derived from vegetable fats and oils), Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin (vegetable-based), Certified Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Certified Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Certified Organic Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract, Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Certified Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) Extract, Trifolium Pretense (Clover) Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Fruit Extract, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Sorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Hydroxyethylcellulose

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A quality product
Written by John Pound on 2nd Aug 2022

Moistens evenly and well and a small dab goes a long way. Like the shaving oil, a quality product. Delivery very prompt.

3.4 oz. Natural Shaving Cream
Written by Robert Marcolese on 17th Apr 2022

Seems like a Great Product, at first use. Nice and Creamy! A lot better than BullDog! Nice job holding lather, while being slick.

Natural Shaving Cream - 3.4 oz
Written by Norman on 16th Apr 2022

The 3.4 oz. size is great for travel because it is an TSA-approved size which allows me to keep my favorite shave cream with me at all times since I shave everyday. Discovered about five years, I have been using the Natural Shaving Cream ever since and it is the best shaving cream I have tried! It gets the job done and has the added bonus of smelling great. Highly recommended!

Natural Shaving Cream - 7 oz
Written by Norman on 16th Apr 2022

I discovered and have been using the natural shaving cream for about five years now and it is the best shaving cream I have tried! I shave every day so any product I use must be able to get the job done and the natural shaving cream does that and smells great. This 7 oz. size provides a great value because I use it everyday. Highly recommended!

Natural Shave Cream
Written by Jeffrey Lea on 10th Nov 2021

I love this cream - only one I've used in several years. Besides working great on my face and head lit really goes a long way.

loyal customer
Written by joe nashif on 21st Jun 2021

The cream is great. It's all natural and works well!

shaving Products
Written by Joe Rodriguez on 16th Mar 2021

Best Shaving cream I ever used , plus the nick sticks are great

Best shave cream I’ve ever used!
Written by Art on 20th Feb 2021

I was very pleasantly surprised the first time using this shave cream. It only takes a little bit to get a great shave. The cream is rich and smooth. My face feels refreshed and moisturized when finished. I just ordered more of the 7oz size because this is my only shave cream now. I keep the 3.4oz size for travel. Thank you for a great product, you have a customer in me for sure. Happy that it is made in the USA by a small family business also. Shipping was also very quick and accurate. Thanks

Still the Best
Written by Rom Sharpe on 16th Dec 2020

This remains the best shaving cream I've ever used. Natural and a smooth, comfortable shave. Shipping was incredibly slow this time, I suspect due to heavy postal volume and issues related to COVID. Took 17 days to receive from date of order but that, in no way, detracts from the quality of this product.

The "Ideal" Real Thing!
Written by Keith Bengtsson on 10th Dec 2020

I discovered "Natural Shaving Cream" accidentally, picking it up in a drug store simply because its packaging complied with airline requirements for screening. Once I used it, I was amazed. It softened my beard better than anything I had used, it had a "natural" aroma and feeling, and it helped to produce a remarkably close and comfortable shave. I became an immediate convert; the only problem is its limited availability. Every time I found it in stores, I purchased more. Recently, I purchased a larger supply directly from the company and am so pleased to know I have a "back-up" supply. In my opinion, this is a perfect product!!

The "Ideal" Real Thing!
Written by Keith Bengtsson on 10th Dec 2020

I discovered "Natural Shaving Cream" accidentally, picking it up in a drug store simply because its packaging complied with airline requirements for screening. Once I used it, I was amazed. It softened my beard better than anything I had used, it had a "natural" aroma and feeling, and it helped to produce a remarkably close and comfortable shave. I became an immediate convert; the only problem is its limited availability. Every time I found it in stores, I purchased more. Recently, I purchased a larger supply directly from the company and am so pleased to know I have a "back-up" supply. In my opinion, this is a perfect product!!

The best shaving cream
Written by Sach on 4th Dec 2020

I am always trying shaving creams and found Pacific Shaving by accident as I had ran out of my old shaving cream and went to the store and decided to buy it. It turned out to be the best shaving cream I have ever tried. I been shaving my head and face for the last twenty years and by far this one is the best!

Great Find!
Written by undefined on 23rd Nov 2020

I am so pleased with this product! Shaving has never been so enjoyable. I like it so much that I’ve started ordering it online since I can no longer find it in stores. It is light and airy, with a fresh, not “perfumey” scent, and foams up just enough for the razor to easily and smoothly glide along your skin. Like a little spa treatment with each shave!

Smooth , comforatable shave
Written by Gary H Bucklin on 22nd Aug 2020

It is one of the best products that I ever used.

Best Shaving Cream
Written by Mark Feldner on 13th Aug 2020

I've tried many different shaving creams/gels over the years and I've found the Pacific Shaving cream the best at providing the needed lubrication to give me a clean close shave everytime. Mark

Great product
Written by Max on 1st Aug 2020

I have used Pacific Shaving’s shaving cream for years. I like both the natural and the caffeinated versions. These lather well and do not irritate my skin ( have sensitive skin). I cannot recall how I got started since it has been so long but I do recall that my motivation was to go away from canned shaving foams. Pacific Shaving’s product are eco friendly..

Smooth , comforatable shave
Written by Buck on 13th Feb 2020

In using your product,I found one of the best shaves that I have had in a long time. I enjoy the dispenser ( 3.5 oz) as it fits well in my personal carrying bag. I like how it comes out in a cream. I think it is an excellent product.

Longtime purchaser, keep coming back for more
Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2019

3rd year in a row to grab a 12-pack. Great smelling and work into a nice lather. Also, make great stocking stuffers to share with family.

Best Shaving Cream I’ve Ever Tried
Written by Scott V on 12th Oct 2019

This is the only shaving cream I will use from here on out. I have very sensitive skin when shaving and this product is the only one that has made shaving more comfortable! Also, their slogan of a little goes a long way is true! I bought the small travel size and it lasted me forever.

Every bit as good as Kiss My Face shave cream
Written by Dennis on 12th Aug 2019

I used KMF shave cream for years until it was no longer available. Found this product online and tried it. Great product. Bye KMF. I found my new shave cream!

Love shaving again!
Written by John Daly on 24th May 2019

This shave cream is great. All you need is a very small amount - the size of an allergy pill - to do your whole face. Great shape for traveling too - doesn't take up as much space as a can.

always re-order because I like it
Written by joe on 3rd May 2019

works well and all natural. I would be out of luck without this product.

Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2019

Amazing product - used a small dab, great coverage, clean natural fragrance. My facial hair is course and this shave system felt as smooth & close as a custom razor shave from a Swedish barber.

Excellent Products
Written by Andy Musick on 22nd Jan 2019

I purchased the shave cream with the green label. The orange citrus smell in the morning is definitely eye-opening and makes me want breakfast! A very small amount creates enough lather to shave my face and head without any dry or itchy burn afterwards. I'll continue purchasing these products. Can't wait to try the caffeinated products.

Razor glides
Written by John Eversole on 4th Dec 2018

Excellent and you only use a small amount. The razor glides...

great shaving product especially when camping
Written by russ on 4th Sep 2018

was camping for 2 weeks with no running water. used this product after wetting my face in the morning. shaved before sunrise most mornings and didn't have a mirror. the product went on really easily, provided a great deal of lubrication and a really good shave most mornings.it was really easy to feel the spots i missed. my wife was really impressed with the great job i was doing despite all of the limitations. Once i got home i have continued to use with even better results.

It Works Well
Written by Bradley on 29th Aug 2018

I'm personally new to shaving, and have gotten a fair share or razor bumps. And since using this product, not only have it kept more from coming, but it also has helped to reduce what was there before! It works well!

the best shaving products I have ever used
Written by undefined on 21st Jun 2018

Years ago I had constant razor rash. Then my haircutter introduced me to shaving oil (not Pacific Shaving which hadn't been founded yet). My razor rash disappeared instantly. That company went out of business. I don't remember how I discovered Pacific Shaving shave oil but I was so happy to be using shaving oil again. I was satisfied with that product for years. Then they introduced other products (nick stick which is great, blade oil to preserve my blades - I get two weeks of fairly constant shaving out of one blade, after shave moisturizer which feels good and is very efficient). Lastly I decided to pair the shave cream with the shaving oil. I really like the way it makes my skin feel and my blade glide. I always shave twice, once with both oil and cream and then cross-grain with just the oil. The best shaves I have ever had.

the best shaving products I have ever used
Written by Donald on 21st Jun 2018

Years ago I had constant razor rash. Then my haircutter introduced me to shaving oil (not Pacific Shaving which hadn't been founded yet). My razor rash disappeared instantly. That company went out of business. I don't remember how I discovered Pacific Shaving shave oil but I was so happy to be using shaving oil again. I was satisfied with that product for years. Then they introduced other products (nick stick which is great, blade oil to preserve my blades - I get two weeks of fairly constant shaving out of one blade, after shave moisturizer which feels good and is very efficient). Lastly I decided to pair the shave cream with the shaving oil. I really like the way it makes my skin feel and my blade glide. I always shave twice, once with both oil and cream and then cross-grain with just the oil. The best shaves I have ever had.

Smooth Shaving with Ingredients I am able to pronounce
Written by Donald on 21st Jun 2018

I found this product a few years ago and I have been using it. When I was unable to locate it, I used "similar" advertised shaving products. I always found them to either have too many unpronounceable ingredients or unable to give the good clean shave I was getting - so as long as you are making it - I will be buying it

Always the best shave cream
Written by undefined on 30th May 2018

Used it for about a year now, it's been the best shaving cream I can find.

Used it twice so far and love it
Written by Adam Moskowitz on 25th May 2018

The scent is great, light and not overpowering and the feel of the shave is clean. This is the third product from pacific shaving that I have bought and the quality never fails, I will keep using.

Top notch
Written by undefined on 21st May 2018

I have sensitive skin and this product, combined with shave oil and after shave, plus a DE give me the best shaves I have ever had.

Written by John McGuire on 14th Apr 2018

Pacific Shaving Cream, emphasis on "cream" gives you a smooth shave like no other. An amount that would barely cover a quarter will give you a fast, smooth shave. I am 63 and have a thick tough beard. (I am half Italian). I have been shaving since the eighth grade. I have used every d*^m shaving product the industry has thrown at us for fifty years. I have tried very expensive creams that boast their own exclusive shops and relatively inexpensive soaps worked into a lather with my trusty shaving brush. Pacific Shaving Cream has no equal. A pleasant hint of citrus and a smooth smooth shave. It comes in a 3.4 oz. tube. One tube lasts for months. You cannot beat the quality, the convenience, or the price! The results are staring you in the face! I highly recommend you give them a try.

I've re-ordered many times
Written by David Rygmyr on 9th Jan 2018

I like that it's natural and I really like the resulting shave. As others have mentioned, all it takes is a little bit and you'll figure that out after a few shaves.

Almost the best shave ever
Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2017

I just tried the Natural Shaving Cream and I found it to be everything I expected. It lathered nicely and gave a smooth shave without drying or irritating. It is almost as good at the Caffeinated Shaving Cream, which has been my favorite. I have very sensitive skin and the Caffeinated gives me the extra ingredient to help keep my face from drying. I plant to alternate the Natural and Caffeinated Shaving Creams at home and use the Single Use Minis for travel. I also use the Caffeinated After Shave to help soothe my face after shaving. Great products.

Love it.
Written by Manuel on 20th Nov 2017

Wonderful product -right consistency, great scent, good conscience. Haven’t used anything else in quite a few years.

Great for my sensitive skin!
Written by undefined on 6th Nov 2017

Fantastic feeling and does not irritate my skin.

Natural Shave Cream
Written by undefined on 22nd Sep 2017

Got this on a buy 2 get one free promotion. The process to request the free product was extremely easy and promptly fulfilled. The company obviously takes pride in their customer service, I had purchased the caffeinated shave cream and aftershave and found them to be excellent products, It was hard to decide what product to pick but decided to give the natural a try, It too is a great shave cream and treats my face very nicely. My own fault is that I am not a citrus person but the scent is very mild, So while this product performs very well for me, I prefer the minty cooling from the caffeinated shave cream.

Written by David - Portland, OR on 14th Sep 2017

I wasn't sure what to expect from this product and company when first ordering, but both are superior! I have re-ordered, and included the Minis as well.

Best Shave Ever - Just a little dab will do ya!
Written by Jack Kosakowski on 14th Sep 2017

The Natural Shaving Cream from Pacific Shaving Company is the best I have ever used. It provides a very comfortable, close shave with no burning or nicks. The most amazing aspect of the product is that just a little bit goes a long way, making a GREAT buy for the money as well. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a smooth comfortable shave. Once you try it you will never go back to those other soapy lathers on the market.

Another Great Product from Pacific Shaving Company
Written by Highway Star on 4th Sep 2017

I use a variety of Pacific Shaving Company products including the Caffeinated Shaving and After Shave Creams. I decided to try the Natural Shaving Cream and it too is wonderful. I highly recommend all of the Pacific Shaving Company products.

The Best Shave Hands Down
Written by Chris in NC on 31st Aug 2017

I have been using this for about 4 years now, can not imagine using anything else. Feels good, smells great and you only need a little dab, making it very economical too. Highly recommend to all my friends.

Great shave with Pacific
Written by Rick on 14th Aug 2017

I like this product very much, and I would rate it higher than most other similar types of shave creams. As far as the idea that you need less, and therefore the small tube is the only available option, I have to disagree. I think the tube should come in an optional larger size as well. That being said, it's great for travel. Also, I just ordered 3 tubes and when they arrived I found one of them had split open on the bottom - shave cream all over the inside of the mailing envelope!

Works well
Written by undefined on 17th Jul 2017

The caffeinated shave cream works well, but it seems to take a greater amount than stated. It also tends to dry on the face quickly. A tube runs out quickly. I would like for it to come in a larger size. I do like that it's vegan and natural, and I like the addition of caffeine.

Great shaving cream!
Written by Arjun Rattan on 5th Jul 2017

Love the shaving cream! It's really thick so the one tube is likely to last almost 3-4x longer than regular shaving foam.

The finest shaving creme and aftershave I've ever used...no going back to old brands!
Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2017

If you're looking for performance....look no further! I will be giving this as a gift to all my family and friends. For an excellent, close shave and a great skin feel post shave with the caffeine after shave. I love them both. Expensive but happy to pay for performance and quality. Thank you.

Amazing Shaving Cream
Written by Rob Gordon on 13th Jun 2017

Great Shaving cream and all natural, you don't need much and it goes a long way.

An Excellent Shaving (and Customer Service) Experience
Written by Rob Frasconi on 23rd May 2017

I purchased the Caffeinated Shaving Cream and the Aftershave from my local Target. There was a Buy Two Get One special; so, I thought I'd give Pacific Shaving Company products a try. The bonus product I received was the Natural Shaving Cream. I had tried another caffeinated shave cream which I like; therefore, I had high expectations for the Pacific Shaving Company products. I was not disappointed. The shave with the Caffeinated Shaving Cream was smooth (as the directions note, a little goes a long way). After shaving, I applied the aftershave, and it is also an excellent product. I really like the smell. I could not wait for the Natural Shaving Cream to arrive so that I could try it. As it turns out, Pacific Shaving Company has excellent customer service, and I did not have to wait for long. I had the product in a couple of days. The Natural Shaving Cream smells heavenly and provided an excellent shave. In this day and age of lackluster customer service, I can say that I very much appreciate the effortless and seamless process Pacific Shaving Company set up to receive the bonus product. Take a photo of the products with the receipt and post it at the link given. It could not have been easier. I received an e-mail noting the successful posting, telling me how long the process was expected to take. Unexpectedly, as it pertains to a bonus product, I received a status update e-mail telling me my bonus product had shipped and with a hyperlink to the tracking number! This brought a smile to my face. Imagine an American company that makes excellent, natural products and cares about its customers' experiences -- a company as good as its products. That company is Pacific Shaving Company and I highly recommend its excellent products. Give these excellent products a try. Believe me; you will not be disappointed. The Pacific Shaving Company has earned a customer for life with me.

Great value
Written by undefined on 23rd May 2017

This is one of the very few products on the market that provides great protection and makes your skin feel good at the same time. Works with all types of razors perfectly.

Best shaving cream I have ever used
Written by Michael Sullivan on 12th May 2017

I've been shaving for more than 50 years. And I have tried all sorts of shaving creams over those years. This one stands out. I get the smoothest shave with this cream over any other -- whether from a can or from a tube or from a tub. Its hard to make such a bold statement without sounding of hyperbole, but it is what it is. At first I was taken aback by the mere 3oz size of each container. But it turns out that those 3oz will more than outlast an entire can of "normal" shaving cream. I just picked up a six-pack which should last me more than a year or two. And @ only 3oz I can throw one in to my dobb kit for business travel not needing to worry about TSA restrictions. I gave it 5 stars and I feel that is the appropriate rating for this quality product. Enjoy.

Good stuff
Written by Dennis Knapp on 12th May 2017

Works great and a little goes a long way. I shave my head and face at the same time and get great results.

Nice Scent
Written by undefined on 12th May 2017

Have only used it a few times but has a nice smell that's not too strong and goes on smooth. Skin feels great after shave.

Nice shave
Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2017

Just a small amount lathers nice, smells fresh (not a strong fragrance) & is real slippery that lets the razor glide smooth on the skin.

100% satisfied
Written by Nicole on 14th Apr 2017

I order these products for my son as gifts. He adores them! Thank-you for making natural products that are so hard to find. Will order again, as cannot use anything else. And they smell just great!

Good product
Written by undefined on 3rd Apr 2017

It does what it says. Mosturizes and provides protection. Unfortunately I live in canada and with our exchange rate and the fact I was also charged duty makes this product to expensive to purchase anymore

Love it
Written by vince norris on 31st Mar 2017

Best shaving cream I've used. All PSC products are amazing. ..keep up the great work

Fantastic product
Written by undefined on 17th Mar 2017

This is by far, the number one shave cream I have ever used. I have extremely sensitive skin so shaving on a regular basis can be quite the chore. Well, not with this stuff!! I actually look forward to shaving now. Thank you much, my face appreciates it!!!!

Great shaving cream
Written by Julie Bryan on 15th Mar 2017

I love this shaving cream mostly because it's natural, but also because a little goes such a long way. I'm a forever customer.

Written by DC on 9th Feb 2017

Look, I don't know what sort of "elfin magic" you've got in this stuff, but this Pacific Shaving Co. natural shave cream is fantastic! There's got to be something evil going on here! :) Great stuff, y'all - keep it up!

Nothing better
Written by Wes on 1st Jan 2017

Originally tried caffeinated then natural; both are exceptional but I prefer natural. Needed more so I bought the six pack to give extras as Christmas gifts. Everybody loved it. Great customer service also!

Truly a gift!
Written by Tarie T on 11th Dec 2016

I love this cream and I never thought it could be this easy to shave. When I first started using this cream, I couldn't believe that it would only take a dab the size of a dime to shave several days beard, so I always squeezed out a larger portion and ended up wasting a good amount. Now years later I use less then a dime and it continues to do the job with increasing ease. Along with the incredible ease in using the cream, is the amazing way it leaves my skin feeling, so smooth and so soft. This will be the cream I'll always use and I love to give it as a gift. Everyone I give it to is so happy and grateful after they've used it, that they realize how much I care for them by sharing this amazing product. To coin an old phrase, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Great lubricating shave cream
Written by Bill K on 29th Nov 2016

This shaving cream is simply a pleasure to use. It lathers up very nicely with little effort and provides excellent skin protection during the shaving process. Lives up to the claim that a little goes a long way, creating enough lather for several shaves from just a small amount of product. Very pleasing citrus scent which is not at all overpowering. I find it to leave my sensitive skin baby smooth after shaving with it, and even more so when followed up with their Caffeinated After Shave. Highly recommended!

Great Product, Great Value!!!
Written by Corey B on 26th Oct 2016

This product produces as good or better shaving experience as the other $20 plus creams on the market. I've tried them all. Thanks Pacific Shaving for a great product at a great price.

Best Shaving Cream EVER
Written by Eric K on 18th Oct 2016

I got the caffeinated shaving cream and then switched it up all natural shaving cream and they both are terrific, hands down. It lathers up perfectly and it is good knowing what ingredients go into making all their products.

My Husband said "BUY MORE"
Written by nEWBURY on 12th Oct 2016

My husband was really tired of the over powering smelly chemical shaving creams in a can. I did some searching and got him some PSC. He loves everything about it and says it makes his daily routine much more pleasant!

Like this shaving cream alot
Written by undefined on 7th Oct 2016

I have used the caffeinated products before and had made the shaving cream and aftershave my go to's, and just tried the natural shaving cream. It works really well, smells great and I haven't had any issues with scrapes or nicks. That is great b/c i'm bald and have a lot of area to cover.

Great shave
Written by Henry on 4th Oct 2016

Very little product is required for a terrific shave.

smooth and clean shave
Written by undefined on 28th Sep 2016

Best product I have ever used. Smooth and clean shave is the best ever.

Soft, Smooth, Shave!
Written by John Bailey on 13th Sep 2016

I have used the Shaving Oil for over 20 years. Seeing the Shaving Cream I thought I would try it. That first shave of the sample helped me to order some. It is wonderful!

Great shave cream
Written by John Ranallo on 4th Sep 2016

I really like this shave cream. I get a nice smooth, close shave with it and it doesn't dry out my face. I really like the citrus scent. Sometimes I'll use the shave oil under the shave cream for an even smoother shave.

Slick Cream for a Better Shave
Written by Robert Ryan on 8th Jul 2016

This is my favorite of the products offered by Pacific Shaving Company. It is slick and provides enough moisturizing for a shave with no irritation. The scent and feeling on the skin are an added bonus.

Seriously... this is solid stuff for your face.
Written by G down under on 31st Mar 2016

A little goes a long way. This by far has been the best investment for my face, and it won't break the bank. Take it on your trips. So happy they ship internationally!

Written by Carlos on 29th Feb 2016

Best shaving cream I ever used!

A Life time USERS !!!
Written by undefined on 17th Feb 2016


You don't know what you are missing.
Written by Fred Leitz on 15th Feb 2016

Every Pacific Shaving product I have ever tried has exceeded expectations. I recommend all there products to my friends and even give away some as gifts. They become believers in the product. As a person with a very sensitive face to products that dry you out, it was refreshing to find these products 6 years ago. Thanks again for the great products.

Try it out yourself - you'll be thrilled
Written by Paul on 20th Dec 2015

I have very sensitive skin and this shaving creme is the BOMB!!!! close shave without any irritation. Thank you for creating such an amazing product for me - ha!!!

Brotherly love
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2015

My brother loves this product and goes through gobs of it every year. I bought it as a gift for him.

Excellent Product
Written by undefined on 12th Aug 2015

Love this product. Have been using it for about five years. Lathers just enough, not foamy but close to the skin. Great emollients make for excellent razor glide and skin conditioning. Also love that it is all natural. I do miss the shallow jar. It made it easy to get just the right amount and to use 100 percent of the product. Wish you would bring it back.

Five Stars is not Enough!
Written by Ken D on 19th May 2015

I switched to shaving with a brush several years ago, and have tried many (MANY) shaving soaps and creams in all price ranges. I recently discovered PSC's all Natural Shaving Cream and have been blown away by the quality. First and foremost, it lathers up nicely and gives an excellent shave with an enjoyable scent. I rinse the razor every couple of strokes, and find no build-up in the blades. There is also no residue left on my face. I've been using increasing smaller amounts of the cream each time I shave- a little truly goes a long way. This is simply a wonderful product at a very fair price. There is no need to look any further for your shaving cream. Give it Six Stars!

Written by undefined on 12th May 2015

Makes for a truly great shave. Nice understated scent, too.

Great stuff
Written by Ryan on 11th May 2015

This shaving cream has a faint citrus aroma that wakes me up in the morning. It facilitates a smooth shave every time. I lather it up in a bowl and apply with a badger brush. I had to play with the amount of water to get a thick lather, and have since had a consistently good result.

Smooth... and protected...
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2015

A little goes a long way, my face feels smooth, nicks and cuts are rarer than ever ("nick stick" has not had much use), will never go back to the stuff in a can. My face feels protected, doesn't feel dried out, and the shave is a good one.

Best Ever!
Written by Steve on 21st Apr 2015

I've never been for using shaving but I'll never switch after trying this. Add it to a layer of shaving oil and...voila...doesn't get any better.

Love it.
Written by D.O. on 23rd Mar 2015

I'm getting low on my last tube of Palmolive shave cream & they don't make it any longer. I therefore bought a tube of your All Natural cream & tried it today. I loved it! It was thick but slippery. The best of shaving combinations. Thank you!

My husband prefers this to anything he has ever used
Written by JPA on 12th Mar 2015

Loves the smell and natural products.

Written by undefined on 13th Feb 2015

Great product, lasts a very long time.

A little goes a long way
Written by M Dubins on 5th Feb 2015

I recently got a tube of the all natural shaving cream, and can easily see that a little goes a long way. It's impressive! That being said it does not so far seem to create the nicest lather for me so I'm at a bit of a loss. I'll keep trying, but it's possible that the hard tap water where I live is getting in the way.

Best by a long shot
Written by Ozarks Dude on 17th Jan 2015

I have sensitive skin and blonde hair -- very difficult to shave. Plus, I frequently travel by air and camp in environmentally-sensitive areas. So, I wanted a non-pressurized, natural, shaving cream in a TSA-friendly size. Oh, and I didn't want it to be so drippy that it would run off my face in a humid shower room. Apparently, those seemingly simple criteria are just too demanding for every other company... except for Pacific Shaving Company. You guys (gals?) got it exactly right. To be honest, I don't think I'd have been this stoked if I hadn't looked for a few years and discarded a half-dozen inferior products, first. Oh well... Cheers on a great product!

Great shave!
Written by Russell Hardy on 7th Jan 2015

A great product. The closest and smoothest shave I've ever had. I'd recommend it to anyone ( in fact I already have)! Works best when a shaving brush is used.

Very impressed
Written by Jerry on 3rd Jan 2015

After years of canned foam I gave this a try and I'm amazed at how the razor just glided and gave me an excellent shave. I'll never go back to the foam!

Better than the rest!
Written by John on 3rd Jan 2015

Your shaving cream is very good! I used to think Proraso was the best tradition shave cream. However, your cream is much easier to build up into a traditional shave lather! Please continue the good work!

This stuff is great.
Written by undefined on 3rd Jan 2015

50 years of blade shaving with every brand of gel & aerosol and unsatisfactory results. Once early AM with the Pacific lasts all day w/ no nicks or cuts...

Only one I use
Written by Stephen on 3rd Jan 2015

I have been using this shaving cream for years now and I really like it. I avoid using anything else. I also like knowing you plant trees - tree planting is very important.

Best Ever Shave!
Written by C.H. on 3rd Jan 2015

First of all I have been looking for the "Nick Stick" for many years; I finally found it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Secondly, I used the All Natural Shaving Oil and All Natural Shaving Cream; this was the best shave I have ever had. I have very course bread and these products gave me clean lasting shave. (Normally I have to shave twice daily)

Hands down best shave I've ever had
Written by John G. on 3rd Jan 2015

I used your all natural shaving cream last night for the first time. Hands down best shave I've ever had, most comfortable and closest and least irritation! You guys rock. Also the smell is rad.

Favorite shaving cream
Written by Micheal on 3rd Jan 2015

My favorite shaving cream, lasts a long time.

Kind to my sensitive skin
Written by SL on 3rd Jan 2015

The Pacific Shaving Company is like Apple Computer with founder Steve Jobs for shaving. Having a tough beard and sensitive skin(controlled eczema) has always been a lifetime problem. Your product line handed me a long sought after practical approach solution.

Great natural shaving cream
Written by Bob R. on 3rd Jan 2015

We are on the trip and the only product I brought was your Natural Shave Cream. It is great and I actually think I look better.

Written by Greg - England on 3rd Jan 2015

I used your product for the first time yesterday and it's really excellent. I'll certainly be ordering this again. Glad I can find it in the UK!

Best in 20 years!
Written by J.L. - CT on 3rd Jan 2015

I have very sensitive skin and after over 20 years of shaving, this is the best shaving cream I have ever tried!

Written by Carl - Austin, Texas on 3rd Jan 2015

Closest, smoothest shave I have ever had. The scent is just perfect. Very light. Bought one tube, used for a week and immediately ordered more. Excellent choice.

Love your shaving cream!
Written by J.L. - RI on 3rd Jan 2015

Thanks for making such great products - gotta love your shaving cream!!!

The best!
Written by DA - NY on 3rd Jan 2015

I started D.E. wet shaving last October and this product is THE BEST!!

Simply the best!
Written by Joe - MA on 3rd Jan 2015

Here are the reasons why I love your Men's All-Natural Shaving Cream and recommend it to my customers: a) It gave me the most comfortable shave I can recall ever having. b) You knew enough to not assume that everyone likes menthols, patchouli, sandalwood, or any of the the usual slew of obnoxious, unnecessary ingredients. The light, refreshing lemony scent is absolutely perfect. c) it's partly organic!! Seriously, thank you-for making the shaving product I couldn't seem to find.

Quality Product!
Written by P. Alexanian on 3rd Jan 2015

I found your shaving cream at a local co-op. It has been a great product from the get-go but what really impressed me is that it has lasted nearly three months. My sincere compliments to everyone who has a hand in making this product available. Thank you for your interest in making quality products and with good ingredients and good intentions.

Face feels great - best shaving cream ever!
Written by Richard Belton on 3rd Jan 2015

My wife and I won't use anything else. After trying different shaving creams, this is the best. I travel extensively and the 3oz size is perfect. I've shaved in different types of water all over the world and I always get the same smooth, comfortable shave and my face is always feeling moisturized. Use just a little and you'll definitely get your 100 shaves.

Super Close Shave
Written by undefined on 3rd Jan 2015

So I had my first shave with this cream today and boy was it smooth! Lathers well with a brush(don't use too much water) and has a pleasant citrus smell. Can't wait for tomorrows shave!

Written by R.B. on 3rd Jan 2015

Your shaving cream is an outstanding product. I used it daily with a 2-blade disposable razor for two weeks and the razor is still serviceable. Your product left my face feeling smooth and comfortable with no additional treatment other than rinsing with water. Low lather, concentrated, neutral/inoffensive scent all contributed to making this product one I would buy again and the 3 oz. tube is legal for taking aboard commercial aircraft. I think your product is so good that I evaluated it and recommended it on shaving forums.

The best shaving cream I have ever used.
Written by Victor Barton on 3rd Jan 2015

I have been using your facial scrub and shaving cream for the past two weeks. I can, without hesitation, say that these are the BEST shaving products I have EVER used. I shave EVERY day and my skin has never felt this great! I will never use another product again!

Old dog new trick
Written by Charles on 2nd Jan 2015

I think this cream gives me the best shave ever. At the age of 65 I am overdue for this kind of comfort. One suggestion, the tube is rather difficult to squeeze, arthritus!

Smooth, comfortable, and travel friendly!
Written by Greg G,CT on 2nd Jan 2015

I like your shaving cream very much. It's one of the smoothest, most comfortable and reasonable brands that I have used. It's also the perfect size to fit in my ancient medicine cabinet. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Appreciate your products!
Written by GP on 2nd Jan 2015

I love your product, they work and I appreciate the product from a health standpoint. Hence, I appreciate your company and efforts.

Will Use Them Forever
Written by Jerry on 2nd Jan 2015

Thanks - I love your products! Please keep them free of sulfates, Phthalates, PEG etc! I will use the oil and cream forever!

My Husband Swears by This!
Written by Aimee on 2nd Jan 2015

I got my husband a great razor for Christmas along with several brands of shaving cream. He says that the All Natural Shaving Cream is the best he has ever used and that's all he will use now.

Close and Comfortable
Written by Ned on 2nd Jan 2015

I've been using the shave oil and shave cream for about a month and have gotten the closest and most comfortable shaves ever. Also many fewer nicks than before. A great combination.

Customer for life!
Written by Jimmy on 2nd Jan 2015

Dear PSC, It is rare when I contact a company to congratulate them on making a fine product, but today is one of those days. I have sensitive skin that is prone to razor burn. After trying Neutrogena, Jack Black, the Art of Shaving, Truefitt & Hill, Taylor of Old Bond, Dreadnought, Baxter of California, etc. I came across PSC at my local Meijer store in Indianapolis. After the first shave I realized that I have finally found the right shaving cream and moisturizer for me! In fact, I decided to give PSC products to my dad, brother, uncles, father-in-law, and brother-in-law for Christmas. And all have come back with positive reviews. Thanks so much - you now have a customer for life!

Great shave
Written by undefined on 2nd Jan 2015

I discovered your product in Virginia a few weeks ago. I could immediately tell the difference. I actually like using the shaving cream for women for my daily facial shave. Love your product.

Very impressed
Written by Jerry on 2nd Jan 2015

After years of canned foam I gave this a try and I'm amazed at how the razor just glided and gave me an excellent shave. I'll never go back to the foam!

Better Than The Rest
Written by John on 2nd Jan 2015

Your shaving cream is very good! I used to think Proraso was the best tradition shave cream. However, your cream is much easier to build up into a traditional shave lather! Please continue the good work!

This Stuff Is Great
Written by undefined on 2nd Jan 2015

I LOVE the new caffeine products. I have been using them since they arrived - they are awesome.

Smoothest shave ever
Written by No other shave comes close on 2nd Jan 2015

I ordered my first All Natural Shaving Cream about 6 months ago along with the Blade Oil, and can truthfully say...Game Over when compared to all other named brand shaving cream. What is so unusual about All Natural is that I rub it on and then shave immediately with the perfect no-grad, no-nick perfect shave that is unbelievably close. My experience was so good that All Natural turned out to be the ultimate stocking stuffer when I gave it to all my boys.

I'm a believer!
Written by Gary, Columbus, OH on 2nd Jan 2015

Well I feel like one of the Monkeys' songs...."I am a believer." I genuinely love your shaving products. I use your shaving oil as a base for your shaving cream...and other shaving creams I use. I love using yours with a brush and I just ordered your aftershave balm.

Written by Daniel on 2nd Jan 2015

Love the shaving oil - it's great on my shaved head. And the shave cream - great on my face!

Written by K. Russin on 2nd Jan 2015

Your all natural Shaving Cream is amazing. It's the best shaving cream I've ever used.

Written by R.S. on 2nd Jan 2015

For years I used Tom's of Maine shaving cream and was distraught when I learned they stopped making it. After several disappointing product trials I found you. Your claim is absolutely true. It is, without question, the best shaving cream I have ever used. I will be buying more and hope you never stop making it.

Written by Elvis Nicolay Høilund on 2nd Jan 2015

Got my Pacific Shaving Cream just the other day. It is the best shaving cream I have ever used! Rich, thick and just great. Keep planting those trees!

Written by Garbarino on 2nd Jan 2015

My husband loves your shaving cream.One container has got him through his Army basic training so I am stocking up for when he comes home.

Written by C. Penderson on 2nd Jan 2015

I had heard good things about your Shave Oil so I checked your website. Your philosophy on the environment and how your business is done is exactly how I think, too. Thanks for being such a responsible company. I will use your products and anything else I need that your company offers.

Written by A. Ybarra on 2nd Jan 2015

I received your product today and tried it first time – I couldn't believe how easily the razor cut with it! The shave I got was only comparable to a shave from within a steam room. Your product will surely be a permanent part of my day. Thank you. I recommend it to all.

Written by Y.F. on 2nd Jan 2015

I stumbled on this product for use when I travel and am hooked! Silky smooth shaves every time...

Fantastic products
Written by Joel Levine on 2nd Jan 2015

I've been using your product for two weeks now and it's absolutely fantastic! I shave both my head and face with it. I already referred one person to your product and he loves it. I have requests from others to order the value packs then give them one. My wife loves using it on her legs, too. It is great stuff and I will definitely be ordering more when the time comes!

Great product
Written by B. Pennell on 2nd Jan 2015

Your product is really wonderful. My husband and I both use it and are extremely pleased with the results. We're hooked!

Written by Phil on 2nd Jan 2015

I just got done with my first shave with the your product and all I can say is WOW!! Everything was fast and easy, from the ordering and shipping to the applying and shaving. After using your product I didn't cut myself at all. Thanks so much for making this the easiest, most comfortable shave of my life.

Wonderful stuff!
Written by W.A. Scharf on 2nd Jan 2015

Especially great for traveling, but equally great for pampering the face!

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