Natural Shaving Oil (1/2oz)

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Small but mighty.®

Good things come in little packages.™ Take our Natural Shaving Oil® - made from essential oils, this tiny miracle works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin.

Our shaving oil provides a consistently smooth shave that leaves your face conditioned and moisturized, not oily. It also applies clear so you can finally see where you're shaving - particularly great for shaving around blemishes, sculpting a beard or moustache - even shaving your head! (Ladies - say goodbye to those cuts around your ankles.)


  • Fewer nicks and no razor burn
  • Leaves skin conditioned and moisturized
  • See where you're shaving - no mess when finished
  • Travel-friendly size will last up to 100 shaves


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (Plant Derived), Sorbitan Oleate (Plant Derived), Polysorbate-20 (Coconut Derived), Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Aleurites Moluccana Seed (Kukui Nut) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Menthol (Analgesic), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil

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5 based on 64 reviews. Leave a Review.
Great shaving product
Written by Robert Swinamer on 5th Apr 2023

This is great for travel and/or everyday use. Works great and takes up minimal space in your toiletry kit. Works just as well on a shaved head as it does your face. Love this stuff.

Natural Shaving Oil (1/2oz)
Written by Patrick Stephan on 17th Apr 2022

I have been using Natural Shaving Oil for years. Although I use an electric shaver I found this product very easy to apply. The shaver glides very smoothly and leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. The 1/2oz size is wonderful for traveling as it does not take any room. The fact that it is a natural product is essential for me as it is good for the skin but also for the earth. I should add that Pacific Shaving Company is a wonderful and small family company that donates 10% of its proceeds for each purchase to various organizations and charities. Companies such as this need to be supported. Thank you for a great product.

Not impressed
Written by David Kemp on 25th Jan 2021

I've been using your products for a few years and have been really satisfied. I like using the ultra slick shave stick. I even sent one to my brother in Arizona and he loves it too. I just received the shaving oil and have used to about 3 times and am not happy with it at all.

Written by VERONICA for PATRICK on 10th Dec 2020

I, the wife, was having sensitivity problems with my husband's shaving cream/gels he was using. I saw this shaving oil and bought it for him. It uses about 8 drops of it; rubs it around and shaves. He likes how much neater it is to use. He likes how it doesn't clog the drain as much as the cream/gels (that become a foam). He likes how it is easy to wipe of the face when done shaving.

Can’t touch this head!
Written by Stuart Harder on 27th Apr 2020

This shaving oil has saved me a head full of knicks and razor burns.

A little goes a long way
Written by Rae B on 27th Mar 2020

Discovered this shaving method about 10 years ago. I started out with this product then experimented with cheaper knockoff only once, then realized the value of the Pacific Natural Shaving Oil. Will never use anything else. One 2 oz bottle lasts me well over a year. The 1/2 oz bottle is great for traveling.

No more shaving rash!
Written by Gary M Schumacher on 19th Mar 2020

I've been using this product for years. For me, it's better than shaving cream. The blade glides over my skin and I don't get a shaving rash like I used to.

Just a tad goes a long way.
Written by Ruslan A. on 12th Feb 2020

I've used shaving oils in the past and love using them especially if I'm looking for that close, smooth shave. I recently decided to try this oil from PSC. The price and size are very reasonable for a shaving oil. You only need a few drops and its goes on nicely. I like using shaving cream on top of the oil and do two shaves for the most close and smooth shave.

Good Product - fell a little short of excellent
Written by Rich on 19th Dec 2019

Oils is soft and light, has a decent fragrance, but the amount required per shave is a lot more than 6 to 8 drops.

Great Head Shave
Written by Perry Blankman on 5th Aug 2019

OK, so the bad first. This is a really small bottle. I'm not sure how long it will last, therefore not sure about value. Because of this, I'm using this specifically for shaving my head. From that standpoint, it is excellent. I use it by itself, no other cream. I'm getting a very close shave, with absolutely no irritation. It leaves my head feeling soft and smooth and gives a little shine as well.

Excellent product
Written by Bill on 17th Jun 2019

I have been using this product for years. This is by far the best product I have ever used. Smooth shave with good razor life. No others I have tried come close to this product. Highly recommended!

Outstanding Service
Written by Michael Kupperberg on 7th Dec 2018

Have been ordering this for quite a few years. On my most recent order, it got delivered to a totally different address, in a different city. So, emailed Pacific Shaving with the emails of the order, and the one saying it was delivered, pointing out the wrong zip code, and LO and BEHOLD, they sent me a new shipment for free. No questions asked, or even a request offered. That is outstanding customer service.

First Time - Great Experience
Written by undefined on 17th Nov 2018

This is my first using this product after a recent purchase however it has delivered with flying colors! Product does what it is Intended to do which is provide a smooth barrier for your shaving blades to cut the hair. Love that it has natural ingredients.

Helps reduce irritation
Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2018

I apply the oil prior to applying the cream and the combination of the two has reduced irritation. So far so good!

Simple and Easy
Written by Bradley on 29th Aug 2018

It goes well with the shaving cream, and it is simple and easy to use. It definitely gets the job done.

Green shaving
Written by undefined on 3rd Aug 2018

I first bought Pacific Shaving Cream because I wanted a small container without a pressurized canister, for travel. I loved the fact it had "natural" ingredients. It did give me a good shave, and compared favorably to the brush shaving I do at home. Nothing has changed my opinion, and that is why I needed to replenish my stock. I strongly recommend this product over most of the multiple choices at the Pharmacy where I shop, or at places like Target.

Good Stuff
Written by Chris on 16th Jun 2018

Works great! Use it with my one blade and it does the job perfectly. Really makes my head and face feel good after shaving.

Excellent Product
Written by Tony on 4th May 2018

I have tried all of the major brands, and this product is the best! I use underneath shaving soap applied with a brush. The price is reasonable, and the packaging is great - can be transported without any leakage!

Smooth Shave
Written by Robert Brewer on 15th Mar 2018

Pacific Shaving Oil is a light, clean scented oil that enables your razor to glide across your face. I used it with warm water alone and was pleasantly surprised how well it worked, I'm sure it would work well with shaving cream.

Great product
Written by Bob on 6th Feb 2018

Great shave / convenient for travel / lasts a long time / quality product

Fantastic shaving companion
Written by undefined on 6th Oct 2017

I put this on my freshly cleaned face first, then the Pacific Shaving Shaving Cream over it, and then shave. Literally the best combo ever! you won't regret it. Thanks Pacific Shaving Company! #youdabest

Lessons from a bald man
Written by Chris Mueller on 14th Sep 2017

I've been shaving my head for 23 years and love to find great shaving products. I tried to caffeinated shave cream in a tube a year ago and loved it. I'm always looking for great shave products to take traveling. The shave oil is definitely it. It's compact, easy to fit in any travel bag and works exceptionally well. I've now tried three different products from Pacific Shaving Company including the "single use minis". I like them all. Thank you for doing such an exceptional job.

Written by undefined on 23rd Jun 2017

Cannot fault this product

Excellent value
Written by David Z. on 28th Apr 2017

I have used Pacific Shaving Oil for many years with great results. The small bottles are perfect for travel and shaving is no problem at all even with the most economical of razors. I've introduced several other people to this product and they've been impressed as well.

Great Shaving Oil
Written by undefined on 26th Apr 2017

Great product because I have sensitive skin and anything else I have used causes irritation. It also helps the razor blades last longer. Product allows for a close shave and leaves the skin smooth and moist.

Great for shaving your head!
Written by Larry Steele on 29th Aug 2016

I have been shaving my head for years using foam or shaving gel, but have never been satisfied with the results. After researching other alternatives, I came across your product and decided I would give it a try. I could not be happier with the results! Using just the oil I achieved the closest shave I have ever had on my scalp. Just a few drops gets the job done! Great product!

Shaving nectar from the gods
Written by Jorge Lazaro on 1st Aug 2016

As if the great shaving gods came down to earth and bestowed on to us the golden elixer to achieve a heavenly shave. Never have I had a closer shave. This has instantly become one of my must have when shaving.

Spooky Good Oil!
Written by Gary Fee on 8th Jul 2016

I was skeptical about a few tiny drops of oil improving my shaving experience. Wow! I am blown away by this product! What is this stuff? There has to be some supernatural explanation for the razor gliding over the rough patches and traditional nicking areas... Smooth as silk; -thanks for a great shaving experience. I can't wait to try your other products.

My favorite shaving product ever!
Written by undefined on 10th Mar 2016

I can't believe I've waited this long to review this product- it's been my favorite for years now! I am amazed how just 3 drops of Shaving Oil per leg is sufficient and gives me a nice close but gentle shave every time. It is the best travel companion and extremely economical, nothing else I've tried comes close. Small really IS mighty!

Every Day
Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2016

I use this every day. It helps my razor glide and even helps prevent nicks. Good stuff.

How'd I miss this?!!?!?!?!?
Written by Chris on 14th Dec 2015

So, I have no basis for comparison, but my shave today was the smoothest ever! Simple safety razor, and a nice application of your shave oil left me smoother than ever!!! No irritation and super-supple neck after! For a guy with sensitive skin, this is..... WOW!

Great stuff!
Written by Kent Lazarus on 2nd Sep 2015

Been using the Shaving Oil for a couple of years and I'm hooked. It's refreshing and helps my razor glide. Recommended.

Great stuff
Written by undefined on 2nd Jul 2015

First I wash my face using soap, water and an electric facial brush; rinse then apply shaving oil, then shaving cream. I get close shaves with no irritation. The key ingredient is the shaving oil. If I don't use the shaving oil, I don't get the same results. I've tried several brands of shaving oil and this one is the best.

Written by undefined on 11th May 2015

I thought this would work great for traveling as it is so small. Love it. It works great and takesup no space at all. All your products are really, really good. Thanks very much. art

Shaving Oil is Great!
Written by undefined on 24th Apr 2015

I have been using the shaving oil for 15 years. I first took it with me to Europe and it worked great and didn't take up much room in my travel case. I use it every day for a smooth comfortable shave.

Oil beats foam any day
Written by G. Gattman on 23rd Mar 2015

Have been a customer more than a year, bought the small size for travel. I use shaving oil every day along with a shaving cream and get a great shave. It lasts a long time, helps the razor glide smoothly, and keeps my face moisturized. I recommend Pacific Shaving products to all my friends.

took a chance!
Written by Marcus. on 26th Jan 2015

Took a chance on trying the shave oil and caffeinated shave cream. Very happy with my choice. I have to shave everyday and my skin is sensitive. This is the best product I've used.

Better & less expensive!
Written by Doug on 3rd Jan 2015

Using your shaving oil. Just wanted to let you know that it's great!! I have been using the Art of Shaving for years. Yours is better and more economical. Thanks

Great Products!
Written by Ron B. on 3rd Jan 2015

I use the shaving oil when traveling since i don't have room for shaving creme.

I really enjoy your products
Written by H Wilson on 3rd Jan 2015

I really enjoy your products!

Best Ever Shave!
Written by C.H. on 3rd Jan 2015

First of all I have been looking for the "Nick Stick" for many years; I finally found it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Secondly, I used the All Natural Shaving Oil and All Natural Shaving Cream; this was the best shave I have ever had. I have very course bread and these products gave me clean lasting shave. (Normally I have to shave twice daily)

The Best
Written by Brian P on 3rd Jan 2015

Best shaving oil I have used. The only one I've used for the past three years...

Far Superior
Written by D.F. on 3rd Jan 2015

I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the All Natural Shaving Oil and I am very happy with it. I have been using Somersets and a few other oils over the years and I have to say that your product is far superior to anything I have tried before. Keep up the good work!

Head Shaver
Written by Chris on 3rd Jan 2015

I have been shaving my heads for 20 years. This is the only product i have ever found that will help me not nick or get razor burn. Excellent product I need to get the razor oil I hate the cost of cartridges these day.

Awesome product!
Written by David S. - Winchester, MA on 3rd Jan 2015

Thank you - just a quick note to say thank you for making an awesome product. The shave oil works so well on my rough beard. I always use it before I apply my shave cream. I don't think I've ever sent a note to a consumer product company before - but your excellent products warrant this attention!!! Thanks again. Signed, a loyal customer, David

Best Ever!
Written by John O. on 3rd Jan 2015

i have been using your shaving oil for about a year or so now. i have NEVER been so pleased with a shaving product. i grow heavy wiskers and have sensitive skin on top of that. with other creams , lathers, etc. that i have tried, i ALWAYS would cut and knick my face. with your shaving oil this has NEVER happened. it also allows me to see my wiskers when i am shaving and it ALWAYS leaves me with a smooth close shave like never before. i also save money by using your product because of the small amount of oil needed to obtain a shave. i have passed this on to many of my friends and many of them have started using your product since they have tried it. this is the first time i EVER left feedback on a product but i felt i had to let you know how pleased i am with yours. thank you so much for your product. a very happy and loyal customer.

Top Notch!
Written by Anies A., New Jersey on 3rd Jan 2015

Just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your product(Pacific Shaving Cream) is excellent and well worth the price and better than the competition. I only recently switched over a year ago to Double Edged razor and the lather created is just fantastic. I don't experience any razor burn, no more nics/cuts and a pleasent scent. Again, just felt the need to drop a line to say you make an excellent product(also tried the shaving oil, top notch!).

Lifetime Believer!
Written by Charlie on 3rd Jan 2015

I've been using PSC's shaving oil since 2003 or so. Through unshaven new baby days, through crazy Darwin-esque beard months with some cleaning up around the neck, past the cop-stache, and on into close shaven, job-search clean cut today. I'm a true believer and have helped others find their way to shaving satisfaction. This stuff is just amazing. A great product combining convenience with effectiveness and economy. The shaving oil has literally turning the pain of a daily chore into a invigorating moment I look forward to.

Good stuff for certain.
Written by Kevin Phillip on 3rd Jan 2015

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I converted to oil while living in NZ and AU for a year and a half and struggled when my little bottle ran out but found your oil in a local drugstore. I would say I'm not quite as fond of it as I am of Somersets formula, but it is my second choice overall and since buying the other is nearly impossible back here stateside, you've got a happy customer. Love oil - never going back to foam or gel. Cheers for it.

Highly recommended
Written by Mark Stricks on 3rd Jan 2015

I shave with an electric razor. I read on your site that it worked for electric shaving, so I gave it a try. From the first shave I could feel the difference. No burn, no redness and my skin did not dry out at all. After trying everything on the market I finally found the right product! I actually look forward to shaving now! You have a great product and I recommend it to anyone who wants a close, comfortable shave with absolutely zero irritation and burn.

Written by Frederick C. on 3rd Jan 2015

Your shave oil is the greatest thing I've ever tried. I've got several of my buddies using it.

really great
Written by Roger W. on 3rd Jan 2015

I cannot put into words how ecstatic I am with your shaving oil! It provides the best shaves I have EVER had, with no nicks or burn. I shave my entire head and it is just fantastic on my scalp.

Written by Brooks Loomis on 3rd Jan 2015

Wow! Your shaving oil is an unexpected surprise! I am a convert, this stuff is great! Thanks for making a great, animal-friendly product.

Thanks for an excellent product!
Written by Jay Clancey on 3rd Jan 2015

I've used your shaving oil for two days now and can't believe how well it works! I can barely feel any stubble after 12 hours and don't look like I'm due for another shave after 24 hours! I just caught myself feeling my chin again and thought I'd share my satisfaction.

My husband loves this
Written by Karen Watt on 3rd Jan 2015

I used your shave oil prior to lathering on my shave cream with my brush and shaving with my double-edge razor. This is the first time I could shave against the grain with no irritation! Bravo!

Satisfied customer
Written by Guy W. on 2nd Jan 2015

I've had your all natural shaving oil for a few days now and I know I won't be returning to any major commercial shaving product in the near future. After I finished shaving, my face did not feel grimy and sticky as it usually did when using a commercial cream. Now after I shave, I feel as though I am "clean".

Written by Ed Rich on 2nd Jan 2015

I was amazed at how well your shaving oil performs. I highly recommend it. I put a few drops in my hands and applied to my face. I was in the shower shaving. WHAT A SHAVE! This has to be the greatest shaving product ever produced. If you are looking for the most comfortable feeling on your face, this is the product you've been searching for.

good stuff
Written by Jim M. on 2nd Jan 2015

I've tried a handful of shaving oils and I think Pacific Shaving Company's is the best. Good Stuff!

Best shave product out there.
Written by Brian Flanagan on 2nd Jan 2015

Trust me when I say there are no products on the market that could even hope to compete with Pacific Shaving Company's shaving oil - and I humbly consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. It has totally changed my outlook on the morning routine, so that now I look forward to a really clean, smooth, irritation-free shave. Now if only you could make razors! Thanks PSC.

I'm hooked
Written by Richard Bullock on 2nd Jan 2015

I must admit, after years of shaving with cream, the first few times shaving with your shaving oil felt weird without shaving cream oozing all over the place. But after the second or third shave, and actually being able to see where I was shaving and feeling the benefit of your oil has made me completely hooked.

A great experience!
Written by R. Winston on 2nd Jan 2015

I use your shaving oil in combination with my shaving cream and it is phenomenal. No razor burn at all.

Written by Jim in Saginaw on 2nd Jan 2015

Wow! I first ordered your product about three months ago. (it does really last for about 100 shaves!) I used to electric shave all the time because my beard is so heavy and my face is rather sensitive, but I thought I'd give something new a try. Now that I've used your All Natural Shaving Oil with a blade, I will only use your product from here on out. I actually look forward to shaving now!

Written by Steven King on 2nd Jan 2015

I just had my first shave using Pacific Shaving oil and I am blown away. I have a very tough beard and shave my face daily and my head every other day. Normally it's the least favorite part of my day. This product is so much more comfortable! I admit I was a skeptic - but no more. I'll never go back to gels or foams.

The closest shaves with no nicks!
Written by R. Noles on 2nd Jan 2015

I use your product in conjunction with a brush and shave cream. I am getting the closest shaves ever with no nicks. I had been a King of Shaves customer for some years, but you've got a convert. The product smells great, works as advertised, and rinses clean. I'm sure to be ordering more very soon.

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