Natural Shaving Oil (2oz)

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Good things come in little packages.™

Like our small but mighty™ bottle of Natural Shaving Oil®. Made from essential oils, this tiny miracle works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin.

Our shaving oil provides a consistently smooth shave that leaves your face conditioned and moisturized, not oily. It also applies clear so you can finally see where you're shaving - particularly great for shaving around blemishes, sculpting a beard or moustache - even shaving your head! (Ladies - say goodbye to those cuts around your ankles.)


  • Fewer nicks and no razor burn
  • Leaves skin conditioned and moisturized
  • See where you're shaving - no mess when finished
  • Travel-friendly size will last up to 400 shaves


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (Plant Derived), Sorbitan Oleate (Plant Derived), Polysorbate-20 (Coconut Derived), Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Aleurites Moluccana Seed (Kukui Nut) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Menthol (Analgesic), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil)

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5 based on 86 reviews. Leave a Review.
Natural Shave Oil
Written by Albert Weiss on 9th Apr 2023

Great stuff! I have tried about four other brands of shaving oil. This was the best one. Thank you Pacific Shaving Company.

Shaving Oil
Written by Tom on 21st Feb 2023

Excellent product. Been using it for many years.

Best Shave Oil Ever
Written by Dave on 8th Nov 2022

I've tried a number of brands, but Pacific Shaving Natural Shave Oil is the best I have ever found. It works great wet or dry, washes off easily, and smells good without being scented. I use it mostly with an electric shaver, but it it's also great with a blade.

Shaving oil for razor shaving
Written by Tony Arata on 21st Jun 2022

I’m very satisfied with the shaving oil…

Natural Shavin Oil 2oz.
Written by Patrick Stephan on 17th Apr 2022

I have been using Natural Shaving Oil for years. Although I use an electric shaver I found this product very easy to apply. The shaver glides very smoothly and leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. The 2oz. size is wonderful to use at home as applying just a few drops a day make it last for a very very long time. The 1/2oz. size is ideal for traveling. The fact that it is a natural product is essential for me as it is good for the skin but also for the earth. I should add that Pacific Shaving Company is a wonderful and small family company that donates 10% of its proceeds for each purchase to various organizations and charities. Companies such as this need to be supported. Thank you for a great product.

Natural Shave Oil Review
Written by Stefan G on 30th Jul 2021

Okay, I just got out of the shower, having used the Natural Shave Oil, and really--two words: five stars!

shave oil
Written by Donald Blumenfeld-Jones on 25th Jun 2021

This is possibly the BEST shaving product I have ever used. My haircutter, many years ago, recommended shave oil. I switched and never had razor burn again. That company went out of business but I discovered you and, again, never a problem, ever again, with razor burn. Thank you for the quality of your product as well as its natural basis.

Shave oil
Written by Leeds Brewer on 30th Apr 2021

I’ve been using Pacific Shaving products for few years now and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both the shaving cream and the caffeinated shaving cream. They are both remarkably good at what they are supposed to do and a small tube lasts a looong time. So, I figured I’d try the shave oil. What a pleasant experience that’s been. Just a few drops and it’s a cool, clean shave with no irritation or mess. It leaves my face feeling great and the razor rinses clean immediately so there’s no clogging between the blades. Do you want a quick, close, comfortable shave? Try it, you’ll like it.

Didn't think I needed it for an electric razor. Boy, was I wrong.
Written by on 9th Mar 2021

I had no idea what I was missing. I thought that since I use an electric razor, I had no use for it. Honestly, the only reason I bought it was because of a Black Friday special that would put me over the minimum for free shipping. Wound up being my favorite purchase the year. It makes shaving SOOOOOOO smooth. Even with an electric razor that was smooth to begin with. I absolutely love this product and can't imagine I'll ever shave without it again. At least not happily.

Shave Oil That Works
Written by Tom gillis on 16th Aug 2020

This shave oil makes shaving a smooth task. I highly recommend it.

Best ever
Written by A. Foreman on 20th Jun 2020

I've been using this shaving oil for 15 years and its awesome.

Best shaving oil I have ever used.
Written by Robert Kantor on 28th Apr 2020

I have been shaving with the oil for almost twenty years. Never use anything else. Helps to avoid nicks and cuts and allows for a very close shave.

A little goes a long way
Written by Rae B. on 27th Mar 2020

Discovered this shaving method about 10 years ago. I started out with this product then experimented with cheaper knockoff only once, then realized the value of the Pacific Natural Shaving Oil. Will never use anything else. One 2 oz bottle lasts me well over a year. The 1/2 oz bottle is great for traveling.

Just a wonderful shaving oil
Written by Patrick Stephan on 26th Mar 2020

I’ve been using this oil with an electric shaver for many years. I love its natural scent and its smoothness. It is not greasy and makes your skin feel fresh. The container is very convenient and I use only 4 drops each time, so that it lasts a very long time. I find the smaller size 1/2 oz. bottle very convenient for traveling. Highly recommended.

Still The Best!!!
Written by Art Golden on 25th Mar 2020

Been using this shaving oil for over 15 years, and would never go back to cream. It's simply the best shaving lubricant I've ever used.

Long time user
Written by JB on 6th Feb 2020

Have used the shaving oil for more than ten years. I use an old fashion single blade shaver. Oil protects my skin just remember to apply oil to a damp face. I rarely write reviews but this product is worth my time to review.

Written by Richard on 20th Dec 2019

Love this oil - natural, not greasy, only a few drops necessary & bottle lasts a long time. Another outstanding product fro PS.

Best Shave Oil Ever
Written by Bradenton Steve on 16th Dec 2019

Have tried several other oils that are out there and this is the tops. Light but effective lubrication that quickly rinses clean from the razor. Can't be beat.

Simply the best
Written by John Meehan on 29th Oct 2019

I've been using this oil for years now; it's simply the best.

I Will Never Use Another Shaving Product
Written by Gerry RC Thibert on 25th Oct 2019

Natural Shave Oil was first introduced to me when I began shaving with a straight razor over ten years ago. I had a horrible experience with traditional shave gels, creams, and other brands of oils. Nothing seemed to work well with my straight blade. I visited a local men's shop, and the proprietor noticed the redness on my neck. Without a word, he shot me a smile and slid a tiny bottle of Natural Shave Oil across the counter. At first, I balked, the price tag and the size of the container made me doubtful. My retailer told me that I wouldn't need more than three to six drops, and as a result, the bottle would last me months. I had good reason to trust this man; he had never given me harmful recommendations in the past. The next time I loaded the straight razor and was ready to shave, I followed his advice - three drops. It went on smooth and clean, there was no sticky residue, and my hands didn't feel sticky or slimey. So far, so good. The blade slid across my entire face with ease and comfort. I have never enjoyed such a smooth shave from any other product. Ever. When I finished, there was no redness, no bumps, no bleeding. The perfect shave. Simply sublime. That one bottle lasted me almost a year. With a straight razor, I don't find I need to shave everyday. As soon as I saw it was getting low, I visited my men's shop advisor and bought three more bottles. He was sold out. He had sold the last of his inventory to a boat enthusiast who loved to shave with the Natural Shave Oil because it was gentle on the plumbing of his boat - no gloppy clogs that you get from foams and creams. I couldn't go without my Natural Shave Oil, so I found Pacific Shaving online and ordered directly from the website. I was even happy to pay the US to CDN exchange rate (yes, this stuff is that good). This past week I replenished the stash I had purchased back in 2016! How is that for value on money spent? Buy this product, and you will never switch to anything else ever again.

Very Sensitive Skin
Written by Wayne Jensen on 26th Sep 2019

Have used in the past under your shaving cream but started having irritation so I started with other product brands and irritation continued. So I went back to using only the shave oil only. What I experience is any chemical or fragrance sets off irritation and redness. My dermatologist said I have issues with Sebhoretic Dermatitis

Awesome Product
Written by undefined on 17th Jun 2019

Have been using this for many years. Love the feel and the close shave I get with it. Leaves my skin very soft; not dry ike the shaving foam.

Shaving oil
Written by Stephen Sepe on 17th Jun 2019

Love the shaving oil especially in combination with PS shave cream. Been using PS for some time. Don’t go looking for something better - it doesn’t exist.

Best shaving oil for the money - hands down!
Written by Thomas Kannenberg on 29th Jan 2019

Pacific Shave Oil is without a doubt the best value on the market for men who shave regularly. I shave my face daily and my head about twice per week, and this shave oil, whether used by itself or as an underlayer for shaving cream is the best product I have found. It will leave your skin moisturized without that greasy feeling. No "gunked up"" razor, either. If you haven't tried it, you need to. It is one of those simple life hacks that will change your life for the better.

Excellent Oil
Written by Charles Johnson on 4th Dec 2018

I’ve been using this oil for years when I prepare to shave. It makes my skin smooth and eliminates cuts and scratches. Excellent product!

Really a miracle oil
Written by Attilio A. Romita on 19th Oct 2018

I use the oil since 2014 and I can confirm is the best solution for shaving. I used electric shaver since 1956 because of I dont like foam and shaving brush and other accessories very bulky to carry when I travel. The only small problem is to buy the product from Italy, so I have to annoy my friend living in USA to bougth for me ad to deliver me when they travel to Italy.

Written by Chris on 14th Oct 2018

I already use their shaving cream and aftershave, so naturally i got curious about their shave oil after learning the benefit of adding a shave oil to your routine. The oil is worth every penny, and a little really does go along way. It seems a little pricey, but at the rate I'm consuming it, and the comfort and quality of shave it provides, it has already well proven it's value in my shave arsenal. Get the big bottle!!!

The best!
Written by Roy on 7th Oct 2018

I've used the Natural Shave Oil for years, and it always helps give me a nice smooth shave. Highly recommended!

I thought I'd wasted my money; I was wrong.
Written by Bert Carson on 29th Aug 2018

I've used Proraso for years. However, when I ordered Nick Stick and Bamboo Wash the Natural Shaving Oil caught my eye so I added one to my order. When I rubbed it between my fingers I thought it was too light (remember Proraso) but I tried it. The shave was great but I'm a slow study. I thought it was the Bamboo Wash or the Caffeinated Shave Cream that was responsible. I continued to use it, still not giving it the credit it deserved. Then, yesterday, I forgot to use it. Yep, you guessed it. As great as the wash and the cream are, it's the shaving oil that adds the greatness. Don't miss this miracle.

Gotta Love It!
Written by Stephen Sepe on 14th Jun 2018

Been using PS shaving oil for several years and it’s absolutely great. Use it alone or as a base for any of the PS creams. Result is an incredibly smooth shave. Do yourself a favor, you’ll love it.

Best shaving oil on the market - bar none!
Written by Tom Kannenberg on 15th May 2018

I have been shaving for 35 years and will continue to be a loyal customer. Your Natural Shave Oil is the best product I have tried, and I've tried just about all of them. I use it to shave my head and my face and it works great on both - no razor burn, no irritation, no oily-skin feel afterwards. You have a customer for life!

The Best Shaving Product I have ever used
Written by undefined on 12th May 2018

I discovered shaving oil years ago through my hair cutter. It eliminated all razor burn instantly, from which I had suffered for many, many years. The product I used disappeared from the market but there was Pacific Shaving. I have used it ever since (really, many years now). Pacific Shaving, with its commitment to all-natural ingredients and no animal testing, as long as it's in business, will always be my first choice for shaving.

Some drops for a great results
Written by Attilio A. Romita on 20th Sep 2017

I use Pacific oil from 3 years ....after about 60 years of electric shaver. 4 minuts vs 15 minuts . I hope I will continue to use Pacific products for the next ...100 years.

Written by Mark Collinger on 6th Sep 2017

I've been using this product for the past 4 years (since going bald) and it is FANTASTIC!!! It provides a smooth and close shave without any nicks or cuts. I highly recommend this Natural Shave Oil!!!

What I shave with every morning
Written by Tom on 21st Jun 2017

I've been happily using Natural Shaving Oil for a few years now, after comparing it with a few other shaving oils. What I like best is that it rinses off easily, it doesn't have a scent, and the fine shave I get. And I like the 2 ounce size, for the convenience and economy.

It's like liquid silk!
Written by Michael Lingenfelter on 2nd May 2017

Absolutely amazing! I've used other shave oils and most gum up my safety razor and leave to thick of a coating on my face for a close shave. This shave oil dose none of that. It's like they say small but mighty, a few drops and it costs my face perfectly and allows a close shave that won't gum up my safety razor. The feel of it on my face is like silk. Won't use any other pre shave oil. The price is jist right!

Natural Shaving Oil a true winner!
Written by Steve L on 23rd Apr 2017

The shaving oil is a wonderful base for a smooth shave with the combination with Pacific Shaving products. Makes shaving in the morning a positive task, in shower or at the sink. Super low razor burn and cuts on face. Enjoy the quality value in two size bottles.

Great product
Written by Art Golden on 13th Mar 2017

The shaving oil is far better and ultimately far cheaper than regular shaving cream. Excellent product.

Written by Ben Wood on 9th Jan 2017

I have been using Pacific's caffeinated shave creme for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the product. I was hoping I would be just as satisfied with the shave oil, but found it failing to meet my expectations. I realize everyone has different preferences and I personally prefer a thick/heavy oil that really "sticks" to the face and fully saturates the hair shaft making it more supple for shaving, this particular oil is very thin and almost didn't even feel like I had applied it to my face. Ultimately, I felt my shave was no better than when shaving with just the caffeinated shave cream (which is significantly cheaper by the ounce than the oil). I appreciate the opportunity to try Pacific's oil, but unless they start offering a "heavier" option don't see myself continuing to use Pacific's oil.

Super Slippery Shaving
Written by Gary Fee on 10th Nov 2016

I can't recommend this product enough! I used to hate shaving, but now I never miss a day. When I'm in a hurry, it's the only thing I use. When my morning is a little more relaxed then I combine it with the scrub and shaving cream for an even more luxurious shaving experience. Honestly, this oil is all you really need for smooth sailing! Just wash your face with hot water, rub about eight drops of this into your wet beard, and prepare to be amazed...

Great Product
Written by undefined on 20th Sep 2016

I have really enjoyed the oil. I have used the Art of Shaving products in the past and I like this oil better. I am looking forward to using some of the other products in the future.

Great product!
Written by undefined on 6th Aug 2016

Love this oil

All Natural Shaving Oil
Written by Melvin M on 25th Jun 2016

I have been using the product everyday as a base to the natural shaving cream and have really enjoyed it. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and the razor seems to glide right over my skin while providing a very close shave. I definitely will continue to use this product. I have one complaint, which is about the packaging / instructions. Perhaps this is expected to be more intuitive, but the hole in the nozzle is not pre-punched, so when I went to try to lightly squeeze the bottle to nozzle popped off and half the oil ran out of the bottle. I figured since the bottle arrived in a ziplock bag and it has a twist top that the nozzle wouldn't leak and ready to use. I ended up using a safety pin to to punch the hole and then everything worked as advertised. In the future it would help (for first time users), if either the nozzle came ready to use to provide some first time use instructions.

Phenominal Product and it works and feels so good!!
Written by Dave Mathias, Laguna Niguel, Ca. on 17th Jun 2016

I first stated to use your shave oil 6-7 years ago and have continued to use it to this day. I find it very soothing when I shave with my newest Norelco Electric Razor. I know a few guys who have tried to duplicate your shave oil by mixing their own ingredients!! NaDa!! Yours will and always will be the best. Thanking you for a great product.

Great product...excellent service!
Written by RVR on 18th Apr 2016

I've been using Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil for a number of years now, both at home and when I travel...and I love it for the fine shave I get with it, plus the convenience. A little goes a long way, and I don't have to replenish my supply often, but when I do, I go to the source. Pacific Shaving's fast order turnaround time ensures i have what I need posthaste. An excellent company, making and selling a terrific product. Thanks!

Great product!
Written by Frank Graves on 7th Apr 2016

Excellent product I use everyday in addition to my usual shaving cream, gives a very smooth shave.

Shave oil
Written by Mike Jones on 31st Mar 2016

Works great. Great customer service. I have been using for about 10 years and all it takes is 5-8 drops and makes for a very comfortable shave. Definitely recommend.

Excellent, Hydrophillic Oil
Written by undefined on 29th Mar 2016

Up until this year, I had been purchasing my shaving oil from a small speciality shop. This oil I used was "all natural" or in other words, it had only natural oils and no petrochemical based additives of any kind. I use a few drops of oil (7-10) in conjunction with an a pure vegetable-based soap and a few drops of water to make a nice wet shave mix. It is very important to me to have non-petrochemical (as well as no alcohols) based shave oil and soap as I use a shaving technique that is water-based, petrochemicals and alcohols just dry out my mix causing it to "crack". Well, this small speciality shop basically stopped selling shaving products in the beginning of 2016. So I began searching the internet for a replacement. It was amazingly difficult, almost every shave oil and shave cream or "butter" on the market has alcohols or ingredients that end in "-ene", petrochemical derivatives. When I stumbled across Pacific Shaving Company and their shave oil, I expected another dead end, until I read their ingredient list.....I was amazed, all essentially oils, olive oil and no petrochemical derivatives or alcohols....I had to try it. I bought a 2oz bottle of the shave oil (the price is very reasonable, I paid much more per oz from the small speciality shop) to test it out. All I can say is wow, this oil is fantastic, it far exceeded my expectations. It mixes with my soap and get a very smooth (and fast) wet shave mix. I use 7-9 drops of shave oil + my soap for a whole 2 pass shave (and no other products, no creams, no buffers, no after shaves). Sometimes, I even use a drop or 2 directly on some "difficult" areas for a 3rd finishing pass under the chin or above the lips and my double-edged razor just glides smoothly. I shave every day, but likely this 2oz bottle will last me at least 9 months! The shave oil from Pacific Shaving Company performed so well in my initial 2-week test, I stopped using what I had left from the speciality shop (at least 5oz).....my only hope now is that they keep selling this product for a long time as I'm in my early 40s, but I can't imagine shaving without it.

Outstanding Product
Written by undefined on 14th Jan 2016

I highly recommend this oil, because it will not clog your razor and makes for a very smooth shave, even with four days of beard growth. I used it in conjunction with the caffeinated shave cream sample they sent; loved it. I was disappointed because stores in my city no longer stock this oil, so I spent money on inferior products and just decided to mail order it. Worth it!

Great shave
Written by undefined on 4th Nov 2015

Love the product . Helps prevent ingrown hairs

All that's needed
Written by Rick Johnson on 22nd Sep 2015

Airline crew member. Started using after 9/11 restrictions on liquids. It's all I use anymore. I buy the 2 oz to refill my 1/2 oz bottles. Lasts me at least 3 months. Comfortable shave with 6-8 drops. Have tried other brands, but they are too thick and clog the razor. Pacific Shaving Oil is awesome. Highly recommend.

Shaving Oil
Written by Tom Acklen on 9th Sep 2015

I have used the shaving oil for years. It provides for a very smooth shave. I use a few more drops than is recommended but I find that better for my face. Every once in awhile I will apply a shave soap on top of the shaving oil for a different shave. The decafe shave soap is excellent to apply on top of the oil. But make no mistake you can use the oil by itself.

Best product ever!
Written by Frank G on 8th Sep 2015

i could not imagine ever shaving without using this product!

Slippery oil wins again
Written by undefined on 30th Jul 2015

Love this product. Everyday is a super shave day

Great Oil For Sensitive Skin
Written by Doug C. Canada on 25th Jun 2015

Just switched from a long time supplier that went out of business. Wow. Should have moved sooner. Nice and smooth. Get the big bottle - it keeps shipping costs down per shave!

Don't be caught without it
Written by W Lee Stout on 23rd Jun 2015

My brother sent me some for Xmas several years ago. Now I won't use anything else. It's the only shaving product that doesn't leave ring-around-the-collar!!

Written by Chad on 4th Jun 2015

This is unequivocally the BEST shaving oil ever! Came across it recently while doing a search when the one I had been using became unavailable. I use it waterless, with an electric razor, and am getting the easiest, most comfortable shaves I've ever had. The light scent is very pleasant. Product was shipped and arrived in a very timely manner. I love that the ingredients are all natural and that every purchase plants a tree! Thanks, Pacific Shaving -- I won't use anything else now!

just the best
Written by John M on 29th Apr 2015

I've been using this product for years - everyone in my family that I have given it too is also a fan. It's is simply the best product for a natural and smooth shave - every time.

Great Product
Written by Chris H on 24th Apr 2015

Love the Shaving Oil, have been using it for years. I get the closest shave with it, and my razors last longer. Love it.

Wouldn't use anything else
Written by jon on 23rd Apr 2015

Fantastic product and service to equal.

Great Product
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2015

Excellent quality and works as advertised. Also, great service, got the bottle in a very timely manner!

Just the best!
Written by Charlie in SF on 7th Apr 2015

I've been a dedicated Shaving Oil consumer since an early test batch in the early '00s. It gives the best, most comfortable shave. I love it -- and having "cheated" on PSC during a few lonely mornings traveling away from home, I can tell you that there is no better. I will never stray again. Plus Stan and cc are awesome, and PSC treats us like they are the lucky ones to have us as customers!

The best I've tried
Written by undefined on 29th Mar 2015

I've tested somewhere between 10 and 20 shaving creams and oils. Pacific Shaving Company gave me the most comfortable, closest shave.

All Natural Shaving Oil
Written by Martin on 23rd Mar 2015

Came across Pacific Shaving Company products more than 10 years ago. For me, shaving oil works so much better than foam. Was happy when the 2 oz bottle became available.

Easier to use than shaving cream
Written by undefined on 23rd Mar 2015

Advantages: Can see hairs and sensitive areas for more focused shaving. It only takes a few drops to cover the shaving area, so there's less to rinse off, and it does not dry out the skin. Pleasant fragrance that does not overwhelm. Comes out of the bottle very easily (looking at the caffeinated shaving cream layers on the other bottle). Disadvantages: Takes just a little soap to rinse off the fingers, but it's oil, so that's expected.

Awesome all around
Written by undefined on 12th Mar 2015

I've probably gone through 4 bottles of this product since first coming across it a couple years back. 1. It's amazing for my legs and my bf's face. We both had really dry skin from brands of shave products, but since using this, my skin has returned to it's teen years smoothness. His face is much less dry after shaving. 2. Product lasts for ages! 3. Customer service is pretty on point, which leads me to my only complaint about the 2.0 oz size bottle-- the design of the tip should probably be revisited. I wouldn't say I have a very firm squeeze, but the tip popped off while in the shower and about 75% of the precious oil went down the drain as I watch in dismay. I would have taken a star off, but CC apologized and immediately promised a replacement bottle. Overall, a top-notch product and brand.

Can't do without it
Written by SF Bay Area on 4th Mar 2015

Longtime user for several years, but always bought from local supermarket which did not have it in stock regularly. I started getting 2/3 0.5 oz sizes at a time. Went online and found Pacific Shaving Company with the 2 oz size AND the volume savings. Thanks.

Good Stuff!
Written by Preston Smith on 12th Feb 2015

Since I had never used a shaving oil, I was somewhat skeptical but decided to give it a try. Wow! I'm impressed. Closest shave ever and I've been shaving for a long time! I recommend this oil...give it a try!

Written by MIKE on 3rd Feb 2015


Best Ever!
Written by John O. on 3rd Jan 2015

i have been using your shaving oil for about a year or so now. i have NEVER been so pleased with a shaving product. i grow heavy wiskers and have sensitive skin on top of that. with other creams , lathers, etc. that i have tried, i ALWAYS would cut and knick my face. with your shaving oil this has NEVER happened. it also allows me to see my wiskers when i am shaving and it ALWAYS leaves me with a smooth close shave like never before. i also save money by using your product because of the small amount of oil needed to obtain a shave. i have passed this on to many of my friends and many of them have started using your product since they have tried it. this is the first time i EVER left feedback on a product but i felt i had to let you know how pleased i am with yours. thank you so much for your product. a very happy and loyal customer.

Best shave I've ever had.
Written by Hairy One on 3rd Jan 2015

I sometimes have to shave two times a day and this stuff is the best. I've recommended it to friends and given it as gifts. Be careful though as a buddy of mine is allergic to coconuts and claims that he had a reaction to it. I checked the list of ingredients and sure enough it has a coconut based ingredient. He maintains that it was still the best shave he's had. Kudos PSC!

Thanks from Iraq
Written by MAJ Gregory Vinciguerra on 3rd Jan 2015

At home and on the road, there is no better product than PSC oil. I deployed to Iraq with the 2oz. bottle. Its compact size, terrific shave and easy clean up made it ideal when living out of a ruck sack. PSC oil should be on everyone's packing list whether it be for a weekend camping or a combat deployment.

Written by John Rarrick on 3rd Jan 2015

Just letting you know I think your shaving oil rocks!

A fan
Written by Thomas Kannenberg on 3rd Jan 2015

Hands down the best shaving oil on the market! I've tried just about every product out there and nothing else even comes close. Your product is simply amazing - I will never shave with anything else again! For those of you like me, men who HATE to shave, this product is for you.

I love it.
Written by John on 3rd Jan 2015

I love the shaving oil. It's far superior to the Art of Shaving oil I had been using.

Won't use anything else
Written by James on 3rd Jan 2015

I’ve been using your shaving oil since 2007 and it’s fantastic. Can’t imagine using another product.

so great love it
Written by ricky on 3rd Jan 2015

wish i would have learned about this many years ago so small and last for many many months per bottle, use to have cuts after almost every shave but now with this no more cuts after any shave works so great love it

Kind to my sensitive skin
Written by SL on 3rd Jan 2015

The Pacific Shaving Company is like Apple Computer with founder Steve Jobs for shaving. Having a tough beard and sensitive skin(controlled eczema) has always been a lifetime problem. Your product line handed me a long sought after practical approach solution.

Best ever
Written by Tom K. on 3rd Jan 2015

Hands down the BEST shaving product I have ever used! I shave my face and head, and absolutely love this product. Tom K.

Beyond 5 stars...
Written by Greg on 3rd Jan 2015

I've tried everything and there is nothing else that shaves as smooth, as close, as clean and leaves your skin moisturized against the elements. I use an aggressive double edge razor that glides over 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 day stubble! Like I said, NOTHING else comes close. This product needs to be in stores nationwide.

Written by Dave L on 3rd Jan 2015

Up until I found this product, it looked like I shaved with a chainsaw and the lights off. 4 years and 4 bottles later, I'm still telling all my friends about your shaving oil.

Best shave ever!
Written by Miss M on 3rd Jan 2015

I thought that shaving without razor burn was a myth until I tried this. Ladies, you have to try this! Seriously, no razor burn and a very smooth, close shave. I was happily surprised, and am never buying shaving cream again. Fantastic bonus is that this is 2oz and I can put it in my carry on - and it lasts a LONG TIME.

Written by Chris - CA on 3rd Jan 2015

Just stumbled across this product at whole foods looking for shaving equipment to buy. Gave it an attempt and wow, best shave I have ever done. Thanks!!

Written by Ben - MN on 3rd Jan 2015

Your product is outstanding. It has changed my shaving experience for the better!

Written by Richard Komar on 3rd Jan 2015

I used your shave oil prior to lathering on my shave cream with my brush and shaving with my double-edge razor. This is the first time I could shave against the grain with no irritation! Bravo!

Awesome customer service!
Written by M. Stewart on 3rd Jan 2015

Thank you for making it so easy to order your shaving oil. I just received my third order (customer for two years now, thanks for having a 6-pack!) and love your shaving oil. Your ability to deliver it to me almost immediately has never failed. I used to use foamy stuff, but I will NEVER go back.

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