Premium 6-Blade Razor System (1 Handle; 5 Cartridges)

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Premium 6-Blade Razor System

A Smooth Shave with a Single Stroke

 - 1 Handle
 - 5 Cartridges

Pivoting head always maintains the closest contact with the contours of your skin. The weighted and ergonomic handle with rubber grip fits comfortably in your hand and prevents the razor from slipping. Blades are positioned closer together, reducing the amount of skin that bulges between them for a safe, smooth shave. Vitamin E & Aloe Vera on the dual lubrication strip soothe & care for your skin.

  • Provides a smooth shave with a single stroke.

  • BLADES: Positioned closer together, reducing the amount of skin that bulges between them for a safe, smooth shave. Also, never miss hard-to-reach spots with the safety trimmer.

  • VITAMIN E & ALOE VERA: Dual lubrication strip soothe and care your skin. When you're done, a quick rinse will get rid of the debris and leave all six blades sharp and ready to go next time.

  • TRIMMER & SCULPTING TOOL: A 7th blade for refining and styling tricky shaving spots like sideburns and mustaches.

  • VENETIAN FLOW: Allows for easy rinsing. This feature also increases blade life.

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Razor Review
Written by Mike on 22nd Apr 2022

I have used some of the Pacific Shaving Co products and have been happy with them, so I recently ordered their razor and was pleasantly surprised. I felt that this was one of the closest shaves that I have ever gotten. I really like the shave so far. I am only on the first blade, but if they last longer like it says, and I continue to get a close shave, I will switch to these for good.!

6-Blade Razor
Written by Robert (Bob) on 19th Apr 2022

Probably the closest shave I have ever had in my life but I felt every stroke. I do not have sensitive skin but unlike the big G company product which is almost like not shaving at all in terms of scraping or irritation. I will keep using the first blade to see if the shaves get smoother but then will have to decide.......do I want the closest possible shave and feel mild pain, or will I accept an average shave with no sensation at all. I was quite surprised that there was any pain. I definitely love the grippy handle because I shave in the shower and do not ever want to drop the razor on the tile floor.

Made in China
Written by Kenny on 10th May 2021

I was looking for a razor preferably made in America, but at least not China. I fell short. The blades aren’t (South Korea), but the handle is. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had noticed that. I didn’t want to deal with returning it. It actually shaves pretty well. I’ll get more blades, but if something happens to the handle, I’m out.

Not bad at all
Written by Chase on 5th Mar 2021

I keep my head well shaven and I've always been super picky about my razors; I've yet to find one that could compare to Gillette's Fusion. Well, I think I may have found one. So far, this razor by Pacific Shaving performs very well. Gives me a close shave without the burn. I just hope each razor blade lasts as long as the ones by Gillette.

Does six make a difference
Written by Michael on 19th Jun 2020

Another new razor, and what will it do? It shaves nicely, actually on the neck chin, or cheek, interface, it has the best glide from one to the other of any razor that have used. The extra two blades may make a difference, not entirely clear yet, but they do not cause nicks at the same rate, so that is definitely an improvement. A little more aloe vera would be nice, that's about it for knocks. A good razor, gives a good easy shave, and doesn't cause cuts, what more could one want?

Nice Shave
Written by undefined on 29th Apr 2020

The blades are VERY sharp. I expect to get many close shaves from one blade. Everything I’ve bought from Pacific Shaving is extraordinary

Great Razor
Written by Joseph Maleska on 27th Apr 2020

I purchased this razor to help get rid of nicking myself while shaving and guess what it did. Also I nice close clean shave. I have thick hair on my face and it makes it difficult to find a good razor to cut it. This one cut it just fine.

Written by undefined on 6th Apr 2020

I was in need of a new razor and like others bought this during quarantine. Great razor for the price!

Not sure how they do it.
Written by Scott on 26th Mar 2020

I ordered these in a moment of COVID-9 boredom while sitting at home. I'm always looking for a better shave but, frankly find little difference with most products other than often high prices and some blades that claim long life while only lasting a couple weeks, at best. These are as good and probably a little better than the big name brands and the subscription brands but at a better price. Excellent "no knick" shave and (at this point) two weeks in and still good to go.

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