#ShaveWithPurpose - Colorful Shaving Cream

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS! These moisturizing shaving creams for men and women are unlike any others - they have color! (Just looking at them is guaranteed to brighten your day.) But color isn't the only difference. Year-round, 10% of proceeds from each sale go directly to non-profit organizations that support important health & social causes. 


The inspiration for our #ShaveWithPurpose line of colorful shaving cream came in early 2020 as we became increasingly concerned about the growing social injustices and healthcare inequities throughout the U.S. As business partners, parents, and husband & wife, we asked ourselves how Pacific Shaving could help create positive change. We saw a fun and unique opportunity with the idea for different color, unisex shaving creams, using each as an everyday vehicle to raise support and awareness for important health and social causes.


Click on each color, below, to learn more about each product and the organizations they support.    - Stan & CC, Founders