Nick Stick by Pacific Shaving Company. Let's face it - nicks are an inevitable consequence of shaving. Now you can put them in their place with this small but mighty Nick Stick®. And with vitamin E and Aloe, it will help soothe your skin, too.

The Original Nick Stick

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  • Product Description

    Let's face it - nicks are an inevitable consequence of shaving. Now you can put them in their place with this small but mighty Nick Stick®. And with vitamin E and Aloe, it will help soothe your skin, too.

    Nicks happen. Now you can do something about it - without the tissue paper.


    • Put nicks in their place - no more tissue paper
    • Dries clear - no chalky residue
    • Liquid roll-on

    How to use:
    Dry affected area and apply Nick Stick. Use as needed.


    Say goodbye to your old styptic pencil!

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    1. The Nick Stick is the ONLY stiptic to use!

      I've used this remarkable product for many years. It's absolutely the best product when you nick or cut yourself.
      Easy to use. Stops bleeding cold! Never gets stale or dries out. The secure twist on cap keeps the solution safe and the roller ball applicator is just about perfect.
      Would never buy another "Nick" product. Why should I? I already use the best out there!

    2. Magic

      I gave it a try and wow love it. Works quickly and easy to use.

    3. Love it

      Love it best ever and not messy like a septic pencil

    4. Nick Stick

      Great to stop shaving nicks from bleeding. Does not leave a white residue.
      Have had problems with leakage from sticks. I bought two from a department store about 2 years ago and they both leaked one at home and the other in my shaving kit. Ordered another two from manufacturer and both arrived and had leaked in transit. Pacific sent me two replacements. I will put one in medicine cabinet at home and the other in my shaving kit. we will see.

    5. Another satisfied customer

      I like this product very much. It does exactly what it says: it stops the nicks and dries clear.

    6. AMAZING!! It’s not your father’s styptic pencil!

      So I don’t normally nick myself but I’m trying a new razor. The day my product arrived I shaved and received two nicks. I tried the nick stick and it stopped bleeding immediately without the white powder that the styptic pencil would have left. Not to mention no burning, love this product!

    7. Nick Stick

      Nick Stick is by far the best product for taking care of small nicks and cuts.Very easy to use and it lasts longer than other products.

    8. Works Great

      Good stuff

    9. Great Product

      I always have the problem with nicking myself while shaving and my wife had gotten me this in the past. I loved it so much that I kept searching the internet till I found it again to order it.

    10. Nick Stick

      I have been using this product for years. It is very effective for small cuts, easy to use and doesn't live a trace. Much better than pencil.

    11. Finally got rid of my styptic pencil

      Great product , works great no more pencil

    12. Better than a steptic pencil.

      Quick and easy to use. Not as messy as a steptic pencil.

    13. Best Shaving Nick Product

      I found the Nick Stick when I was looking for the standard Styptic Pencil, so I tried it.
      Much better product than the Styptic Pencil. The roller head is always damp and ready for application. The liquid quickly stops the bleeding. Works great on shaving nicks plus small cuts.

    14. Great Product

      Great product, really does the job well. As with all Pacific Shaving Co. products, this one is great!

    15. Finally a nick stick that works!

      I have tried others in the past but this one really does the trick. I am extremely happy with it and am going to pick up another for my travel bag.

    16. nick stick review

      love the product, but Target in Boardman, Ohio doesn't carry it anymore. I have gone on your website and looked it up, then purchased the three pack from you. I haven't found it anywhere else in my area, so I will continue to buy it from the internet. Thanks Richard Ragozine

    17. Great Product

      I did not know shaving companies are not stocking stores with this type of product. This is great to have around when you sometimes nick yourself shaving in thoe mornings.

    18. Great product - shipping costs too much

      I really like this product but the shipping costs were too high. I'd never buy it directly from them again now that I know Target has it.

    19. The Best of Breed

      No other nick product on the market come close to being as good as this. It even stops bleeding in small cuts. I keep one in each gym/swimming bag I own and in every bathroom where people can shave.

    20. Neat and effective

      The Nick Stick works quite well, and it is more precise and is much less messy than traditional styptic pencils.

    21. Love these - Perfect for cuts or even popped zits!

      I use it just about every time i shave on certain areas. I noticed i would break out with zits in certain places that i got rougher shaves. Using the nick stick has pretty much eliminated that problem.. You definitely need to moisturize regularly if you use this though.

      Took off 1 star due to multiple leakers I've purchased. Customer service was great in replacing them, but even what was sent me leaked abit in the sealed package.

    22. Works, but...

      I love all the Pacific products that I use. The Nick Stick is good, but you really have to dry the area first (it is a liquid and diluted by a wet face), and clean the ball after (especially if there has been significant blood-letting). Fortunately, thanks to the other Pacific Shaving Company products I don't need to use this product as much as I used to. When I first purchased this product I had presumed from the name that it was a standard styptic pencil (stick?), and was surprised to see a roll-on. I continue to order them because I like that they are clean and tidy, unlike a traditional pencil, but I do miss the solid variety. Any chance of that in the future?

    23. Nice

      Gets the job done nicely.

    24. Excellent and a good value

      I rarely nick myself shaving anymore but when I do, it can get pretty dramatic. This Nick Stick does the job well, and dries totally clear. Helps stop the bleeding right away

    25. Great Product

      I was thoroughly impressed with this nick stick. I've only recently started traditional wet shaving and I was getting lots of little nicks. This this saved my life. It goes on easy and clear and stops any bleeding immediately. I highly recommend this.

    26. Amazingly Effective!!!

      This Nick Stick is the best solution for any of your shaving nicks and cuts, anywhere on your body. It does sting a little bit at first but it's not harsh at all. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a natural remedy for their shaving mishaps. You will be completely satisfied, and it also helps razor burn as we'll!


      Goes beyond just fixing nicks; helps reduce marks and scars. Keep one in my pocket all the time.

    28. GREAT

      I really like the nick stick! Very compact and great dispenser.


      I tried your products this morning and am very impressed. It's good to see that there are still companies with good customer service and quality (American made) products.


      I agree. Very prompt delivery. And the gift pack is truly the perfect gift. It's thoughtful, budget-friendly, practical and most importantly, useful.

  • Ingredients

    Water (Aqua), Alcohol Denat., Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Aluminum Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Phenoxyethanol