Ultra Slick Shave Stick

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Time For a Stick Shift.

​Incredibly easy to apply and mess-free, this shave stick will completely change your shaving game.  Just rub it directly on wet skin (whether or not you even lather is up to you) and shave away! Perfect for your face, head, legs, underarms, sink, shower, bathtub - anywhere and everywhere you shave.

Directions: Apply directly to wet skin, with and against the grain of your hair growth. If a lather is desired, massage into skin with your hand or a a quality brush. Enjoy your shave!

  • No mess - Easy to apply
  • Perfect for Travel
  • For face, head, legs, underarm - anywhere and everywhere you shave!

A little goes a long way. 

UBERLATHER RECIPE: Apply shave stick underneath your favorite Pacific Shaving Company shaving cream. Use quality brush to create an ultra-rich, incredibly slick lather.

Made in the USA | No Animal Testing | No Parabens | No Phthlates | No Dyes | Gluten-Free | Vegan


Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate (Coconut-Derived), Propylene Glycol, Glycerin (Vegetable-Derived), Myristic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Stearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil

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quickest way to get shaving
Written by SF Jimbo on 9th Mar 2022

Love the stick. It's the fastest way to get my shave in before the first zoom call of the day. Now it comes in a cylinder shape with a twist off lid which is simpler to get on and off than the previous lid which could be a little tight especially when your hands are soapy from rubbing in the shaving stick.

For a person that's on the move
Written by Dale Clarke on 6th Apr 2021

This is what I use when I am in a rush. I soak a mini travel brush for a minute while I wash my face with warm water, apply the shave stick to my wet face, then lather it right on my face for a minute or two. Then a quick shave for three minutes for a six minute shave. Loving this.

Shave Stick: The Next Generation
Written by Olde Hounde on 25th Mar 2021

Just received the new shave sticks, and am very impressed with the new easy to grip design. Same wonderful product as in the previous sticks; I strongly recommend that you use a brush to build a thick face lather in a few seconds. No bowl is needed: easy to use and cleanup, so you can hit the trail without leaving any evidence. Great shave, no razor drag, and excellent post-shave feel. A little goes a long way!

Nice way to shave
Written by Paul Cardinet on 11th Jan 2021

I like this product. I used two sticks then went back to my gel shaving cream. The stick is light, great for travel. I use a shaving brush which allows me to reapply fresh shaving cream halfway through the shave so the skin is always moist and the whiskers are soft, hence I get a very close shave.. My Gillette Fusion blades will last 1 month of daily shaves, with smooth comfortable shaved using this shaving stick.

Great Shave Stick
Written by Steve on 20th Dec 2020

I bought this not to take the place of traditional shave soap or creme, but to use for traveling, and also to use if I am running late in the morning and want to shave, but just don't have time for my traditional shave. Today was such a morning, and a good time to try it out. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised! It is quick, easy, slick, and performs very well. Will keep this in my cabinet at all times! Another great Pacific Shave Company product!

Bought for travel
Written by SHAWN J RHODERICK on 13th Jul 2020

I tried the Shave Stick because it looked ideal for travel. It will fit well in my travel kit. Lathers well. Clean shave. My only complaint (and it is nit picking) is the fragrance is spearmint and I really do not like the smell of spearmint. I am sure others are stoked about the fragrance. I just don't enjoy the spear mint odor.

Totally Cool Product!
Written by Michael Vance on 22nd May 2020

I bought this mainly because of the novelty aspect of the way it looked. I rubbed a small amount over my entire wet face and then used my shaving brush. It produced copious amounts of amazing lather. I literally had enough for six passes if I wanted to do that. An added bonus to this product is it’s scent which reminds me of Wrigley’s spearmint chewing gum. This product has me really excited. I’m happy I bought a double pack!

Great for the men and ladies in your life!!!
Written by Tobe Dansereau on 21st May 2020

This product is awesome. Easy to apply, easier to store, great lather, simply put fantastic product. My wife and daughters also use this product and just love it!!!

Great Shave!
Written by Robert on 27th Apr 2020

Man, this Shave Stick is so good I ordered more and glad I did so! The reason I ordered more is my career has me traveling. When you have been traveling as long as I have you learn to trim down what you carry, learn to minimize. This Shave Stick is perfect for that purpose. It works great, lathers great, smells great, but that’s not an invitation to chew on it, and it leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth. It is really, really good shaving cream! Thank you PSC!

Review of your new Razor
Written by Lennox (Len) Stanley on 15th Apr 2020

When I sent off for a new order of your Shave Stick I decided to also try one of your new razors as I needed a new one. I used it the day after my order arrived and was is awe in how smooth it shaved me. The handle is designed to fit the hand and the material is non-slip. I also really liked the weight as most of the modern razors and very light in weight. I felt I was totaly in control of my shave and as the saying goes, "My face was as smooth as a baby's butt". You have had my business for quite some time now and I pass onto my friends, when the subject comes up, what good quality you produce. Thanks again for a great new product.

The Ultra Slick Shaving Stick review
Written by Lennox (Len) Stanley on 15th Apr 2020

I started using the Ultra Slick Shaving Stick when I ran out of Shaving Pods. I have found it to be the best way to shave and takes only a little time to use it. I have been shaving with a Mug & Brush for over 40 years. I started using your Shaving Pods which I really enjoyed but when I was unable to get the Pods I decided to try the Shaving Stick. I bought a pair of Shaving Sticks and, to me, they are the best, easiest way to shave. When I shave I first wash my face with hot water and soap. I then rinse and apply the shaving stick to my wet face. Then I take my brush, which I placed in the sink as I washed my face, and shake it until is is just damp, not wet. Then I lather up my face and shave first, down, then lather up with the brush again shave up then across. I find The less water you have on the brush the better.

Great Shave Stick
Written by Robert on 14th Apr 2020

I have been using the Shave Stick for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s great! I have experimented with the Shave Stick to see how much I would need. It turns out all I need is one swipe down each side of my face and I create more than enough lather to shave. I really like the spearmint fragrance. It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and not to mention smooth! My personal opinion is, Pacific Shave knock it out of the park on this one!

Great, except . . .
Written by Ultra Slick Shaver on 27th Mar 2020

. . . unavailable locally and even though all credit cards are listed, this company only accepts a few and one I do not want to use. Awhile ago I was told by the company owner that this would be corrected. Great product as I have ordered it multiple times, and the expediting of the product by mail to me has been amazingly quick.

The New Shaving Stick
Written by Lennox Stanley on 10th Feb 2020

I started using the New Shaving Stick after i ran out of Single Use Minis. I found the best way to use the Stick is to wash my face with hot soapy water leaving it wet. I move the stick all over my beard. Then, and this is the best part, I move a wet shaving brush over my face and whip up a lather. After lathering up I shave as i usually do shaving down, up and then across using the lather still on my brush. After shaving my face is soft and smooth during a fin rinse. To say the least i really enjoy shaving with the new Shaving Stick from Pacific Shaving Co.

Re order
Written by Donald on 23rd Nov 2019

Great way to shave, there have been multiple re-orders from me on this product. It is disappointing in that the only way to purchase this is by mail. However, the delivery is faster than expected and the personal touch and correspondence is something that is usually only found when dealing with local merchants.

Slick and convenient
Written by undefined on 11th Apr 2019

It's slick, easy to apply, lathers easily. Massage it in for a good lather or use a brush. Reenergizes for a second pass with a little water.

Outstanding product!
Written by Michael Mlodzik on 31st Mar 2019

Ease of a stick .. slickness of Cremo. Lathers well with a brush. Nice light Spearmint scent. Great face feel.

The wait that you didn't realize you had is over
Written by Donald Trapp on 16th Mar 2019

Great idea! Many of your competitors will now most likely copy this idea. Very convenient, no waste. Some may confuse it for deodorant, - so you may want to change the look of the packaging or graphic. Maybe make the outside graphic look like a wide razor. I will give it 5

That was fun...
Written by Joseph Atlanta, GA on 12th Feb 2019

I have a shaving brush but don't often get a chance to use it. If I do it's on weekends when I'm not in a hurry. This stick option provides faster preparation instead of whipping up lather in a bowl the old fashioned way. I used this product by applying a few strokes on the chin, mustache area and below sideburns/cheeks... then used shaving brush to lather up and it did so nicely. There was enough lather on the brush to shave a second time for what felt like an incredibly smooth shave. I liked it and will always have a stick of this on hand...

Great New Product!
Written by undefined on 19th Dec 2018

I tried the slick stick to see how it would work. Fantastic results! I have re-ordered!

Needs to be massaged in
Written by undefined on 8th Nov 2018

Like the utility of the stick. The instructions should emphasize the need to massage in to get a good lather. All things considered I like the pods better than the stick for travel purposes.

Easy to apply and gives a great shave.
Written by undefined on 27th Sep 2018

I have finally found my favorite shave cream. The applicator keeps the process clean to apply and store. You can put it on with one hand. Once I apply it on my face, I brush it in and get a thick layer of shave cream. My blade and its slickness make for a close shave. Highly recommend

Written by undefined on 17th Sep 2018

Super slick, foams easily, very convenient.

great for one hand
Written by sully on 25th Aug 2018

I am right handed and have had surgery on my right hand, so can only use left hand for awhile. Decided to try this as could not put regular shaving cream on using only one hand. This works great. I wish you had a similar product for after shave.

Ultra Slick Shaving Stick lives up to its name
Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2018

This shaving stick really lubricates the skin and feels good on my face. It improves the already great shaving cream and makes shaving much smoother. I have sensitive skin and shaving has always been a problem, but this and the shaving cream combined make it much easier on my skin.

Nice cream and scent
Written by Mike G on 23rd Jun 2018

Will buy in quantity next time. i

Excellent for Head Shaving
Written by Michael M. on 9th Jun 2018

I really like this product for shaving my head. It goes on easily. It builds a great, slick lather especially when using a shaving brush. It also doesn’t dry or irritate my scalp like most products do. And, it does so without any menthol or lanolin, both of which I am allergic to. I usually have enough lather on my brush to use on my face as well. It works great for faces as well, as these other reviews will tell you. I think I will use this product as long as they keep making it.

Written by Russell Hardy on 30th May 2018

shave no smoother than regualr shaving cream and product difficult extract from dispenser

Written by Chris on 28th May 2018

I like to use high quality shave soaps and build a lather with a brush, and I like the Pacific Shaving Natural cream a lot since it lathers amazingly well with my brush. I gave the stick a try and am blown away! It takes very little application and then I can build a good lather with a brush directly on my face. It has a nice mild mint scent, but no menthol, which I like because I strongly dislike mentholated shave creams. And as the product states, you don't even need a brush. I've also used it as a preshave, or undercoat primer for other shave creams, which works really well.

Ultra Slick is Ultra Slick!
Written by Mike Batch on 26th May 2018

I found your shaving products by accident one day at Publix about 2 years ago, I am a daily user since then. I recently saw the Ultra Slick product and thought to myself "how could they make anything better than what they have already"...but, you did!

Neat -- in all senses of the word
Written by JD on 4th May 2018

A very good shaving creme/soap, well-packaged, neat and direct non-messy to use, gives a good and easy shave.

I'm converted!
Written by undefined on 2nd May 2018

I LOVE this stuff! Shaving my legs has never been easier. No nicks, cuts, or razor burn. I'll never go back to cream!

Not Your Average Deodorant!
Written by Olde Hounde on 21st Mar 2018

Okay, I admit this new shaving stick might look like a deodorant stick, but it works much more effectively on your face than Right Guard or Mennen. Very convenient for travel use, and just fine for home too. I did not use this with a brush; the lather generated by hand and a sufficient amount of water provides an excellent protective and conditioning shave. Does not have the kick of the caffinated version, but provides a refreshing, comfortable shave. A great addition to your shaving arsenal!

Better than traditional foam or gel
Written by Keith Armstrong on 15th Jan 2018

Always skeptical about these "innovations", but after using the slick stick, I gotta say it is way easier and seems to give an even smoother shave than the expected products. Goes on very easy, not a lot of foamy mess, just a clean shave ... definitely reordering this!

Excellent Pre-Shave Product
Written by Phillip Gordon on 10th Jan 2018

As advertised. Easy to apply and provides a smooth shave. It has replaced the shaving oil as my pre-shave product.

My new favorite!
Written by undefined on 21st Dec 2017

I’ve used these products since I heard of them but this new stick is the best! I apply the stick and then use a brush to lather it up and it’s awesome! I recommend it 100%

Nice shaving stick
Written by Jesse on 9th Dec 2017

While this isn't a true shaving soap stick (it doesn't contain any soap), it behaves exactly like one. It has a light spearmint oil fragrance which could stand to be stronger and it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft once you finish shaving. Wet your skin, liberally rub the stick all over your stubble, and then work it into a lather with a slightly wet (not dripping) shaving brush. PSC should include the mention of a shaving brush on the packaging because this stick builds a really thick and super slick lather this way. It is easily one of the slickest products I have shaved with. You could also use this just to wash your face before shaving. Additionally, I think it would work as a nice slick base layer/pre-shave for a different soap or cream since its scent is so light. Not sure if I will repurchase this due to the price at $8 per stick when there are less expensive but equally good or even better shaving sticks available online, but I'm glad I tried it!

Stick it to the competition!
Written by Kevin on 2nd Dec 2017

Once again, great product innovation. I love the shave stick. Bravo Pacific Shaving. Highly recommended

Ultra Slick Indeed!
Written by Chris D on 19th Nov 2017

This is awesome. Where has this been my whole life?

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